Gregarious Pinot Gris

Pinot Gris has led a long and interesting life. Sharing what our wine investigation discovered plus … some tasting notes and recommendations. Where Does It Come From? This varietal was born hundreds of years ago in France. Since then, it has traveled all over the world: Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Romania, and,…

Refreshing Pear Cocktail Recipes

What do Mother’s Day, celebrating the accomplishments of a graduate and wedding festivities need? A new fresh cocktail recipe! Taste out our Todd Wetzel’s refreshing pear cocktail recipes.

What Would You Ask a Winemaker?

Winery history? Career choice? Approach to winemaking? Wine preferences? What would you ask a wine maker? Friday afternoon, we got to spend some time with Joseph Maldonado and Peter Vasquez in Cardella Winery’s beautiful gardens and we learned some answers from Cardella Winery’s winemaking dynamic duo. Touring Cardella Winery with their Winemakers – We got…

Rare & Delicious? Yes! Pear Wine …

Pear wine? Are you sure you aren’t thinking of perry, pear cider or pear brandy? Yes! It is pretty rare. In fact, most wine books never mention it.

How is Perry Crafted?

From juicy delicious pear to perry? Science or art? Is it similar to making apple cider? Are you curious? We were! Sharing what we learned in our investigation of this process with you.

Perry? What’s That?

Do you enjoy delicious fruit? Have you ever tasted the perfect pear? Would you like to sample something crisp light and refreshing? Try Perry!