BREXIT Wine Worries in Great Britain Become Reality

Any citizen of the world was given reason to be upset and to join in the myriad of feelings that accompanies yet another terrorist attack. Our hearts go out to our friends in Great Britain as they have been the subject of one more of these senseless violent attacks. Yet, we have to admire our British friends because they are once again picking up the pieces and bravely carrying on.

BREXIT Wine Worries in Great Britain Become Reality

In 1966, Robert F. Kennedy gave a speech in which he cited a Chinese curse and the words “May he live in interesting times.” While there may be debate over whether or not that phrase is of Chinese origin, all of us completely understand the curse part and are wishing for a few more boring moments, aren’t we?

As our British friends “carry on,” they are kicking off their 2017 national London Wine Week. If you are visiting London and would like to know a few fun places to go and join this celebration, please read Decanter’s post London Wine Week 2017. Ellie Douglas lists nine interesting spots to not shrink away from living your life while enjoying wine week.

BREXIT Wine Worries

Last week, Chris Mercer shared an article in Decanter that detailed what is occurring in Great Britain’s wine market. As expected, BREXIT is having an impact. In the article, Brexit is forcing up UK wine prices, warns WSTA , he outlines that as expected Great Britain’s inflation rate is rising and the power of their pound is falling. This combines to create supply chain issues and limits demand. This sounds like an example from an economics class, right? My professors seemed preoccupied with beer and pizza examples; however, the logic is sound and works for any marketable product – including wine.

More than wine unites our world; however, wine and friendship are a classic pairing. I celebrate the spirit with which our British friends are facing these exciting times. We at CKJY Exports give a hearty “Cheers!” of support and admiration of you all.

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