Can You Find the Wine Next Time? (Labels Matter)

Odds are pretty good if you enjoy drinking wine, this has happened to you …

On a shopping trip, you decided to “try” a different varietal, type or winery’s wine. You brought it home and shared it. It was delicious!

So, you “made a mental note” of what the bottle or name. The next time you were in the same market shopping, you thought you would get another bottle of that delicious wine. However, when you got to the wine aisle things had shifted around a bit. The wine you had enjoyed wasn’t in the same spot on the shelf. You looked and looked for the wine you had enjoyed and well … all the bottles seemed to look alike. It was impossible to “re-find” your delicious discovery.

This frustrating scenario has even played out for me when I have taken a picture of the bottle with my phone! Truly, if you ask a wine store clerk about a certain label, I am always amazed that they know where to find it and can answer my question.

Can You Find the Wine Next Time?

Tradition & Reality …

Yes, all wine is sold in bottles that probably come from a handful of bottle producers. Yes, there are traditions for which shape of bottle is best for which type of wine. Traditional practices and traditions are good to follow to a point.

A family name with gold script writing and a coat of arms has been the traditional favorite. When you are looking at one bottle, that seems distinctive and impressive. When you put that bottle on a rack with others bearing script and coats of arms, they all seem to blend, don’t they?

If you are the wine maker and your life’s work is centered around what goes into the bottle, you need to help folks be able to find it. Differentiate your brand in some way. In my personal experience, many times the cute or colorful labels aren’t on the best tasting wines.

Still … standing out can go a long way in making a name for yourself. Think about the Australian Yellow Tail wines. They stand out on a shelf and you can remember them because they are different, right?

Bottom Line = Marketing matters.

If no one can “re-find” you, you can’t develop repeat customers. That is a shame.  Businesses are built on repeat customers. These repeat customers may become members of your winery’s wine club because they like your wines so much. At the very least, they would be repeat customers.

Having attended several wine industry events, I have seen first hand all the options that wine producers have when creating or redesigning bottle labels. Yes, it is difficult to change the way we do things and it may cost a little more. Still, there is a cost benefit analysis to be done. Is spending a few more pennies to create a memorable label worth it when attracting initial and repeat customers?

It is essential to build a brand that your customers can find you, isn’t it? Making a memorable label is essential to brand building.

Wine Labels that reflect the unique character of the wines are appreciated by your fans and develop loyal repeat customers.

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