Sharing a fascinating look from a different world view of the international wine market. Matt McDonald’s April 11th online article, “Wine Exporters Looking to Consolidate on a Stellar Year” shared on the was insightful for wine exporters like our CKJY Exports team. It shared an Australian view on the 2016 world wine market.

More enlightening insights include the decline in Australian imports to the United States and the United Kingdom.  Those declines were counterbalanced by an improving Chinese appreciation for their wine. Apparently, Shiraz has declined in popularity here in our country and has gained attention in China.

Australia’s Proactive Government

Australia’s government is very proactive in negotiating trade deals with other nations. Currently, Australian wines are now enjoying lower import tariffs to China. These numbers are projected to fall even farther; thus, making Australian wine even more competitive within the Chinese market. Many more wine information tidbits were shared from Mr. McDonald’s interview with Andreas Clark, CEO of Wine Australia. Additionally, Mr. Clark notes that expanding into China requires a lot of hard work as their distribution systems require study to work effectively.

Higher end wine varieties were the 2016’s highest growth area for Australian wine. As the people learn about wine, their tastes improve.

Look at the interesting graph and read through Mr. McDonald’s entire article at Wine Exporters Looking to Consolidate on a Stellar Year​ for more information.

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Born a Southern girl, I was transplanted a few times as a Navy wife! Now, our "retired" USN family, calls CA home. As UNC business school grad, I gained lots of useful insights by finding different opportunities and challenges along our military life's path. Love of traveling, making friends, experiencing other cultures and sharing the best of all that with everyone are now all part of me.

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