Labels Matter for Informed Consumers

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” is an often quoted line from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Juliet’s character is using this approach to downplay the importance of Romeo’s name being Montague. In her eyes, Romeo would be wonderful no matter his name. While this is a tactic that we have seen teenagers employ in our home, it doesn’t really translate to adulthood or wine, does it? Names matter and mean something to others.  In Wine, labels matter for informed consumers like other consumable products.

Quality Displayed on the Label?

Quality demands to be identified and that requires labels. The wineries CKJY Exports Inc. represents abroad have worked diligently to create wines, reputations and wineries of quality. Their names matter because of the quality they stand for year after year.

Still as a consumer shopping the wine aisle, labels also matter. Yet, they can become confusing, can’t they? Have you ever stood back and noticed how similar many winery labels are? It gets difficult to find your favorite wines when shopping at times. Especially if you are new to shopping for wine the task can seem overwhelming.

Attractive Labels Matter?

Some wineries have adopted creative and colorful more modern artwork on their labels in hopes of standing out on the wine shelf. However, if the wine doesn’t live up to the hype, we only buy it once and then remember to avoid it. Having a bad experience with a wine we purchase can definitely add to our anxiety as we shop for wine again.

Wine shopping can become pressurized when the consumer feels they must select the perfect complimentary wine for a meal or an occasion. Being totally overwhelmed standing in the wine aisle is a relatable feeling and has sent many of us to search the internet with our phones to find recommendations on the wines. Many of us have sought guidance in purchasing wine in shops from their staff. Whether the advice comes from a staff member or the internet, the very reason there are so many wineries is that there are so many people with different wine preferences.

What is on the Back Label Matters?

In 2013 the Star Tribune shared Bill Ward’s article, With wine labels, it’s what’s in back that counts. While he begins discussing labels and the flowery language they use, he seems to shift into discussing distribution channels in other states. The first part of his wine label discussion, I totally agree with along with the title. It is what is on the back that counts because it gives you important information.

What’s Next?

Internationally consumers are becoming more careful with what they put in their bodies. Each season seems to bring a new ingredient to be added to our personal lists of what should be avoided. So, seeing what is in the wine and what the winemaker says about how they produced it matters.

In the future labels will require more details,  a bit of the mystery of wine will be shared. Knowing what exactly in the bottle doesn’t negate the rich experience of the wine poured in our glasses, does it? Cheers!

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