Millennials & the World of Wine

Around the world the Millennial generations have reached drinking age and their tastes are impacting the alcohol industry. As an article I had read a while back in the Washington Post shared, this age group is not following the typical pattern we have seen previously. Millennials & the World of Wine are changing an industry that has been essentially the same for many years.

Millennials & the World of Wine Online?

Worldwide connectedness creates lifelong friendships and followings spanning the globe. Additionally, Millennials are “digital natives” that share seamlessly.

Every other generation prior to this age group views the world differently. The mystery and aristocracy of wine are quickly disappearing. Due to  information and personal opinions being shared via social media. What most people think about any topic, or wine, is easily accessed.  So, people no longer rely as heavily on experts.

Millennials are adventurous and enjoy trying new things. As they experience things, they share with their friends and social media followers. Snapping a picture of a wine they liked and sharing it on Instagram, SnapChat and other new social media channels is an everyday occurrence. Perhaps, they will share it on FaceBook for their parents and grandparents to see if they think it is something they would enjoy too.

Millennials & the World of Wine

Millennials = Sharing Generation

This sharing culture is democratizing wine along with so many other things. The published opinions of experts are now viewed more skeptically.

The Millennial generation has been inoculated to expert opinions. Essentially, they expect market influencers to have been paid for their opinion. Their age group has been inundated with advertising their entire lives and this has created a bit of a backlash to it. Ads are seen with skepticism. What a friend personally recommends instantly has more standing when it comes to future purchases. Therefore, when you step back and think about this human reaction, it makes a lot of sense.

Millennials and Wine, a Quirky Relationship”  a quote from the Washington Post 2013 article seems to agree with this point. “Wine is transitioning to something people can enjoy on all occasions,” not just dinner or special celebrations, Bird told me via e-mail. “It’s less stuffy, less pretentious and generally more fun. So people gravitate to bottles that reflect this.”

This article also mentions the fact that Millennials will research and spend over $20 for a bottle of wine. Other generations will spend a larger percentage of their income on wine. However, they purchase larger quantities of inexpensive wine. Millennials are selective wine shoppers.

Knowing these changes are happening will help our wineries win these new Millennial drinkers to their labels.

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