Saluting – Winery Heroics

What makes a great tasting wine? Most folks will start describing what they would like to taste in their glass when asked that question.

Our CKJY Exports team has a much different answer to the question “What makes a great tasting wine?” because we know that the WHO is much more important than the wine. Those who make the wine utilizing their best efforts, skill and craftsmanship will make a huge difference. We feel the who is the most important ingredient and that they believe in what they are doing with every fiber of their being. This is a quality that isn’t too hard to recognize.

Winemakers and winery teams who feel this way will do all they can to keep their winery alive. Recently, a few California wineries have had to literally stand and defend their wineries from wildfires. They are winery heroes and deserve recognition for protecting their livelihoods and winery.

Saluting Winery Heroics

Fires Threaten Wineries

The Alamo Fire roared to life and threatened several wineries. Firefighting crews were steadily working to get it under control and making progress. Then, another fire broke out that threatened a more inhabited area. That forced a decision that minimized the fire fighting crews working on the Alamo Fire and allowing it to once again spread.

Wine & Vine has highlighted articles written about the Chris Hammell and Michael Brughelli, a volunteer firefighter and the vineyard’s sales manager,  working to save the vineyards and winery at Bien Nacido.  By working to establish a fire break perimeter, they saved 90% of the vineyards and all the winery structures from the Alamo Fire.

From July 7, 2017 –

Fire Nears Historic Vineyard and Wineries

Follow Up July 20, 2017

How an important Central Coast vineyard fought off the Alamo fire

“North Canyon wasn’t as fortunate. Standing in Bien Nacido’s Z-Block, home to prized Syrah, and looking over Powerline Canyon to North Canyon is a study in two basic shades: the green of the vine rows and the gray, char and ash of burned vegetation. The fire consumed every inch of the slopes that overlook the vines, and tendrils of fire spilled into corridors. According to Rachel Ashley, Treasury’s vice president of vineyard production, the vineyard lost 10% of its vines to the fire, or up to 90 acres. There were no injuries and no damage to structures. Most of the vines, as hardy as the oaks that line the hills, are defiantly green amongst the char.”

With winds carrying the smoke away from the vineyards, the hope is that the crop will not have a smoke taint again due to wildfires. Time will tell. We certainly hope for the best for these heroic wineries fighting all odds to survive.

Ready to Fight Any Fires

Also, we would like to highlight one of our winery portfolio crews. Mt. Hood’s winery staff has a great number folks who have served as volunteer firefighters on it. In fact, they have preserved a fire truck that they keep on their property in tip top condition. Here is a plaque they have proudly displayed of Shig Yamaki who served as a volunteer firefighter for 46 years in their community. Yes, CKJY Exports is proud to represent the tasty wines these local heroes create. #MtHoodWinery

CKJY Exports SALUTES all our firefighters, who are also winemakers. GREAT WORK! 



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