The World of Wine + Millennials

Time and time again the French proverb “the more things change the more they stay the same” seems to be proven correct, doesn’t it? However, the ” World of Wine + Millennials ” are still proving this proverb to be true … just with a twist.

Pairing your wine with Millennial tastes requires much more than letting them simply take a sip!

World of Wine + Millennials –

Instead of listening to many of the wine world’s experts, Millennials prefer to listen to their friends. This is something I highlighted in my “Millennials & the World of Wine” blog post on 6/8/2017. What does that all mean to the world of wine? First, Millennials want to take a virtual tasting.

How they listen to their friends is the key difference in how they build a relationship with wine and other things. Millennials are “digital natives” and share constantly with their friends via social media. This is something I see first hand in our home with young adults.

Millennials & Social Media Usage –

Like something?  They share on social media almost immediately.

When Millennials do not like something, they share.

Want to learn about something? Millennials immediately search online with their phones.

Very similar to the concept of a billboard on the side of the highway to share something where folks will see it. Where do you need to share things for Millennials to see it? If the world of wine wants to market to Millennials, it needs to be online where they will be seen. That varies and it you need to know that it may disappear.


Where to Start?

Building a secure, logical and attractive website is a must. That is the where it all begins in web presence for any business.

As you create an extension of your winery and your wine and visually share it, you set the tone for all of your online presence. This should be what “tops the list” generated by a search for your wine or winery. While you do not need to redo your website every week, you do need to update it and keep it fresh with new information and pictures from time to time.

Secondly, FaceBook is much like a website for people, businesses or wine. It is a necessary place for any business to start their internet presence.

FaceBook is a great resource for online searches and the details of your business. This is how your build both your wine club and your wine’s persona online. Many folks will search using the FaceBook search engine to see who and what you are all about. The theme you built for your website should carry over with your post updates, style of photos, logos, etc.

Other Social Media Channels to Explore

Instagram is currently one of the main forms of Millennial communication from what I have observed personally. Therefore, this may be the social media platform you share your wine and winery on next. This is much more an image sharing site and the longevity of your posts is not as long lived as that on FaceBook.

Twitter is very similar in nature. While Twitter shares images, they focus more on the 144 characters of text to sum things up succinctly.

Pinterest is for sharing beautiful pictures and is not exactly geared toward Millennials … unless they are planning a wedding or an event. So, curating a presence there may be a good thing to add to your wine and winery’s image also.

YouTube videos are worth the effort. Millennials and younger generations prefer to get their information from videos. However, this allows you the opportunity to share more of a sensory experience and make a more in depth impression of who you are and what you represent. (For example watch – How social media is changing the wine industry?)

LinkedIn is more of a professional site that links resumes and business associates. So, it may be helpful to raise your overall profile but not something you should build out first thing.

More social media channels come and go. Snapchat is one that shares disappearing pictures. This is not exactly something that is helpful for building a following for either your wine or winery. So … some social media channels need not be addressed to build your business online.

CKJY Exports Social Media Efforts    Shared –

If you would like to observe how we are building our wine exporting business – CKJY Exports Inc.’s, social media presence, please click the icons on this page.

Rome was not Built in a Day …

This is another great proverb that helps you realize that carefully curating your wine’s online presence will take time. Bit by bit you build a reputation digitally to be discovered and appreciated by Millennials and other folks.

Certainly, there are businesses now popping up to help you build your online presence … for a price. Of course, you can also do this if you are willing to put in the time to do it bit by bit. Learning about services such as Buffer to help you time your posts is a must. There are lots of other tools for businesses to grow online ask a Millennial you know about the latest and the greatest.

Please keep following our wine blog to learn more about how the world of wine is changing with the times.

If you would like to learn more about these topics I have summed up in my blog post, here are some resources –

Social media as a strategic marketing tool in the Sicilian wine industry: Evidence from Facebook 

Digital Wine Marketing: Social Media Marketing for the Wine Industry

Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Your Vineyard & Winery

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