Wine Connoisseurship & Science Makes Interesting Reading

Even casual wine drinkers have developed a nose and a taste for wine. Enjoying wine is both a personal and social experience. Each of our tongues have preferences and we develop our own taste profiles. True connoisseurs of wine learn to appreciate wine on a different way. These refinements in their wine palates allows them to detect the “fingerprints” of the wine’s origin and much more. Personally, I have been amazed when I have witnessed these true connoisseurs share what their tongues tell them.

Wine Connoisseurship & Science Makes Interesting Reading

Recently while breezing through the headlines at, their “Think wine connoisseurship is nonsense? Blind-tasting data suggest otherwise” link from May 18th caught my eye. I was intrigued and clicked to learn more.

Yes,  the Economist’s Daily Chart did share more details. Essentially, their article describes how drinkers at the 2017 Oxford-Cambridge wine-tasting contest faired in identifying varietals, origins, etc. of wines. Comparing their results to random chance is where the scientific angle is applied.

Is Wine Connoisseurship Real? What Does Science Say?

“The group’s overall accuracy was far superior to what could be expected from random chance. Given the thousands of potential country-variety pairs, a monkey throwing darts would have virtually no hope of getting a single one right. But 47% of the Oxbridge tasters′ guesses on grape variety were correct, as were 37% on country of origin.” This is just a tidbit of what the article shares.

Essentially, science has just proven what wine lovers have known. LOL! We can develop and fine tune our wine palates. There is definitely more to this than blind chance.

If you would like to read more on this topic, you may want to read Reds, Whites & Varsity Blues published by Pavilion.

Common knowledge being proven by science makes me smile – especially, when wine tasting is involved.

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