Tasty Wine Pairing Suggestions for International Cuisines featuring Cathedral Ridge Winery

When hosting an evening at your place for friends, we all want it to be interesting and fun, right? How do you do this consistently? We try new things like international cuisine recipes! Our CKJY Exports team enjoys pairing wine with new recipes. How do we do it? Well … it depends … Are we Wine inspired or Recipe inspired?

Tasty Wine Pairing Suggestions for International Cuisines

When you share a meal with friends, you want it to be nice and enjoyable. Good food is enjoyable. However, to enrich your shared meal experience you will want to pair an tasty wine with the international cuisine you are serving. Sound tricky? We can help! Where to start …

Wine First? Recipe First?

– 2 Approaches to Explore


Wine first?

Our friends and export partners at Cathedral Ridge Winery are very good at the Wine First approach. They share many tasty wine recipe pairings on the blog section of their website. Cathedral Ridge Winery – Recipe Blog Here are three white wines they recommend with three different tasty recipes.


Doesn’t this looks delicious? Great to cook on the grill and pair with Riesling.

This deliciously simple Coconut Thai Skewers recipe is a Cathedral Ridge Winery favorite to pair with a Riesling. They go on to add “Chicken and Riesling go hand in hand when it comes to balancing weight of the protein and the mouthfeel of the wine. This is an incredibly delicious pairing and very simple recipe – a must try for summer bbq’s and picnics.”

White Wine Blend?

Baked Lemon Halibut Sitka is an Alaskan delicacy that can be eaten in less than an hour from meal prep to finish of your meal.

Halibut Sitka is a traditional favorite in Alaska. It is easy to prepare and to bake. To make it a phenomenal meal, pair it with a tropical blend white wine, such as Cathedral Ridge’s Necessity White.


Found this picture to pair with this recipe online. Click picture to go to that website.

This Indian inspired dish of Saffron Butter Poached Lobster pairs beautifully with a light buttery Chardonnay. The balanced acidity of the Chardonnay is complimented nicely by the saffron spice on the seafood.

Recipe first?

Our CKJY Exports team enjoys pairing new wines with interesting cuisines. Many times we find a recipe we want to try like something we tasted as we were traveling. That means we start with the recipe first.

When you are trying to pair a wine to a new recipe, it helps to have a bit of advice from others who have done this particular thing well. So, we often turn to Wine Folly’s Madeline Puckette for when we start with a recipe first.

Typically, you do not find pairing suggestions with recipes. You look for clues to good matches by searching the main ingredients or spices in the recipe you want to cook. This Wine Folly chart is a great place to start.

Wine Folly’s Pairing Wine & Food graphic is terrific! That is why we are sharing it here. Read their full blog post on “Getting Started with Food & Wine Pairing” from Aug. 2016. (Click the link below.)

If you are new to Wine & Food Pairing, our CKJY Exports team appreciates Madeline Puckette’s approach and advice on wine. While she is a certified sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers, she presents wine in an approachable understandable way in both her book Wine Folly and on her Wine Folly blog site,  Getting Started with Food & Wine Pairing. Her advice has always proven to be worthwhile for us.

Other Pairing Resource Suggestions from CKJY Exports online –

Basic pairing advice is easily found online. If you have a Pinterest profile, follow our CKJY Exports Inc. Pinterest page on our Social Graces of Wine board. (We share lots of ideas on pairing and more that we find there.)

We hope we have helped develop your confidence with tasty wine pairing suggestions for international cuisines that you serve your friends. Enjoy!

With the holidays and guests coming to your homes in the near future, we will be sharing more exciting wine and recipe pairings in upcoming blog posts … so … Check back on Tuesdays for more wine and recipe pairing suggestions.

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