Chee Yan “Alfred” Teoh is one of our terrific CKJY Exports’ interns who is currently studying at Fresno State University. He is our guest writer for this week’s Wine & Spirits Blog, “What Should You Drink with Taiwanese Street Food?” Enjoy learning more about what Alfred likes to drink with his favorite Taiwanese Street foods! (First in English and then in Mandarin.)

Enjoying Taiwanese Street Food

I miss Taiwan! Salted crispy chicken & fried tempura are calling to me!I miss the street food!


Basically, I am sharing my life style during the three years’ studies in Taiwan. I share with them what will I eat and drink at supper. And I will hang out with my best friends to have a talk in our campus. So we will share our beers and streets food like crispy chicken, fried tofu, grill octopus.

What to Drink With Taiwanese Street Food & Friends?

Frosty American Craft Beer - CKJY Exports Inc.

I also mentioned that I will pair the food with Taiwan beer which will not taste too bitter because I don’t like the bitter taste.

And here in the United States, I’m just having an internship in CKJY Exports, and there is a brand that I like – Backwoods Brewing Company. I love the Logyard IPA because like I said, I don’t like the bitter taste and this one is not too bitter and it has some fruits taste which won’t feel odd. They do have a lot of others beers which you can try it to figure out which one you like the most. Also, Taiwan street foods are really good and match to the beer.













自從來美國後,就沒有再喝到台灣啤酒,雖然我在超市好像有見過。因為我最近在CKJYExports實習,有一個牌子我很喜歡,很滿意。Backwoods Brewing Company的Logyard IPA, 它帶有一點水果味,而且搭上鹽酥雞酒超讚的啦,一點都沒有違和感。 因為我本身不喜歡喝太苦的,所以他剛剛好,口感也佳。如果在台灣有看到,可以買來嘗試。可以多嘗試不同的味道和牌子,看看哪一個最適合妳喝,也看看哪一個配上那些你愛的台灣小吃最MATCH。



Alfred Teoh What Should You Drink with Taiwanese Street Food-

I miss Taiwan! Salted crispy chicken is what I want to eat! Fried tempura is calling to me! I miss the street food!

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