Tasty Meal Pairing with Rosé & Geena Yaw

Geena Yew is one of our terrific CKJY Exports’ interns, who is currently studying at Fresno State University. Geena is our guest writer for this week’s Wine & Spirits Blog -Tasty Meal Pairing with Rosé.

Enjoy learning more about what Geena pairs with rosé for a terrific meal!

Tasty Meal Pairing with Rosé & Geena Yaw

Tasty Meal Pairing with Rosé

Rosé wine and risotto has always been my go-to whenever I feel like having a fancy meal without breaking the bank.

But! The question of cooking risotto is either to use red or white wine? To me, why not rosé?

The reason why rosé is pink is that when the red grapes are being crushed and left to macerate, it only takes a little while and the grape skins will be removed from the process; leaving the color of pink.

It does go great with any risotto be it mushroom, seafood, or vegetable. You can cook it with the wine and enjoy a cup with it!

One of the wines that complement a hearty plate of risotto is “Eola Hills”rosé wine from Oregon Wine Press. It has flavors of nectarines and red currants, and a hint of herbal grapiness. Fruity, light, and off-dry.

Eola Hills Rose

With its pH level of 3.17 and acidity of 0.61gr/L, this dry and fruity character wine complement more than just the risotto. After your meal, you can also savor the rest of Eola Hills with some snacks and enjoy the rest of your day!

One of Geena’s favorite seafood recipes comes from the Sugar Loves Spice recipe blog site.

Seafood Risotto

Please go to the Sugar Loves Spice recipe blog to get complete details on making this scrumptious dish to go with your lovely rosé wine.

Geena selected this particular wine to pair with risotto and researched it on her own. Eola Hills Wine Cellars’ Rosé is one of the wines which CKJY Exports Inc. proudly represents abroad. Good work, Geena!

Our new Fall Interns have not yet become completely familiar with our complete listing of > 100 wines which we represent. Isn’t it wonderful that she already has such great taste in wine? We think so!

Please visit our friends at Eola Hills Wine Cellers either in person or online.

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