Brewing Beer with Weird Ingredients by J.H. Lee / “Dexter”

Join J.H. Lee /”Dexter” as he explores the creativity of craft brewers with this week’s CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits blog. Our terrific intern, Dexter surprised with what he found and wanted to share it.

Brewing Beer with Weird Ingredients by J.H. Lee -Dexter-

Glance at Beer Brewing History

Beer brewing is one of the oldest skill sets that has traces its’ origins from ancient Egypt civilization. Beer was considered the drink of the Gods.  Did you know beer existed during the New Kingdom of Egypt during 1570-1069 BCE?

Traditionally, the brewing of any beer 4 necessary ingredients. They are water, a source of starch to ferment, yeast and hops to offset the sweetness of the starch, but with time always changing a new wave of interesting beers with weird ingredients has emerge.

Odd Ingredients Added to Beer

What is the most necessary ingredient to craft beer? Yeast is the main brewing component. It converts the starch into alcohol that is so desired. Rogue Beard Beer is an Ale brewed by Rogue Ale of New Port, this beer is brewed with the yeast from Brewmaster John Maier beard that he has been growing since 1983. The yeast cultivated from John Maier beard was a new strain dub Pacman gave birth to Rogue Beard Beer.

Dock Street Brewing Company created a rich dark smoky beer that contains an ingredient that you might not think possible labeled the Walker during AMC The Walking Dead craze. To fit with the theme of mindless zombies going after brain, Dock Street Brewing Company literally add fresh brains in to their beer to provide the subtle smoky notes in the beer, goat brains are use in place of human brains.

During 2013, Dogfish Head Brewery brewed Celest-Jewel-Ale it was a beer that was totally out of this world as the ingredient used during the final brewing process were crushed meteorites that provided minerals and salts. With this alien ingredient used Dogfish Head Brewer claims the space ingredient enhances the fermenting process. Additionally, they feel it gives the beer a subtle earthy note.

Therefore the art of beer brewing has always been a complex art to master. Consequently, new ingredients and yeast strains being discovered expanding a brewers options. However, the complex flavors produced would be completely different form the next.

What “weird ingredients” will be added next in to the brewing process to create new and interesting flavors? Are you game to taste these creative beer flavors?


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