Holiday fun with wine, craft beer or hard cider? At times it can feel so stressful to pair spirits perfectly, can’ it?

Folks you rarely see or new faces you want to impress can build your holiday stress as you prepare for these special guests. Our CKJY Exports blog is here help! In this post, we will “name-names” and share some wine information to make you SHINE as a hostess or a guest.

Our CKJY Exports team is very comfortable sharing these ideas with you because … we KNOW these products very well. In all fairness … these are the wines, craft beers and hard ciders that we represent outside the United States. We know them well and thought you may want personalized recommendations that we share with folks in other countries. Each of these are available to customers in the United States directly through the craftsmen and women who make them.

Simple recommendations without a lot of words or explanations are what we are sharing. These are pairings, gifts and other ideas we KNOW will work well for you. Try them and let us know if you agree!

Live in the United States? Yes -click the pictures below to link to the wineries, brewery or cidery to order yours today. No – email to discuss importing one or more of these lovely spirits to your country.

3 Types of Recommendations from Your CKJY Exports Team:

Enjoy Anytime – Wine & Spirits

Pairing Wines with Meals or Appetizers

Impressive Gifts to Give 

Enjoy Anytime – Pair with Friends 

Craft Beer – 

Backwoods Brewing – Gifford Pinchot Pilsner

Backwoods Brewing Gifford Pilsner

Hard Cider –

Jester & Judge – American Apple

Hard cider by Jester & Judge - American Apple

Red Wines –

Blackbird by Merlo Family Estate Vineyards

Carnal by Oso Libre Wines

Chaos Theory by Brown Estate Wines

Brown Estate Chaos Theory

Ball & Chain (Red Blend) by Solitary Cellars

Miscela (sweet terrific red for folks new to wine) by Wooden Valley Winery

White Wines –

Retro Riesling by Viento

Ambrosia (versatile white blend) by Pat Paulsen Vineyards

Chardonnay by Eola Hills Wine Cellars

Rose –

Sommer Quartet by Engelmann Cellars

Craft Beer

Pairing with Meals or Appetizers –

Just want to push the “Easy Button” and have things turn out well? California and Oregon blends are super hero wines for that!

“Easy Button Pairings” – Truly Go Well with Most Anything

If you have no idea what is being served and want to take a hostess/host gift, we suggest you give these:

Red Wine

Eola Hills Red

White Wine

Albarino – Cardella

Hunter’s Vineyard – 2016

Cardella Winery Logo Cardella Winery Logo

Craft Beer

Gifford Pilsner by Backwoods Brewing

Backwoods Brewing Gifford Pilsner

Mixed Appetizer Pairings –

Traditional ideas –

Merlot – Flora Springs

Flora Springs Merlot

Chardonnay – Andretti’s Napa Valley Series

Andretti Villa - Napa Chardonnay

Something New & Interesting –

Syrah – Eponymous

Riesling – Wooden Valley

Backwoods Gifford Pinchot Pilsner –

Backwoods Brewing Gifford Pilsner

Cheeses –

Traditional ideas –

Eola Hills Pinot Gris (Lesser known pairing suggestion but commonly known among wine professionals.)

Something New & Interesting –

Pinot Noir – Et Fille Wines

Beef –

Traditional ideas –

Cabernet Sauvignon by Cathedral Ridge Winery (Different flavors from what would typically be expected from this tasty Oregon Cabernet Sauvignon.)

Cabernet Sauvignon by Cathedral Ridge Winery

Ashley’s Cab Engelmann

Ashley Vineyards - Cabernet Sauvignon by Engelmann Cellars

Something New & Interesting –

Petit Sirah –

Lanza by Wooden Valley Winery


Two Angels Wines

Ridge Run Stout – Backwoods Brewing

American Apple – Jester & Judge

Hard cider by Jester & Judge - American Apple

Pork –

Traditional ideas –

Eagle Eye – Cab Franc

2013 Cabernet Franc Eagle Eye Winery

Something New & Interesting –

Sauvignon Blanc grilled Betelgeuse* Brown Estate

Logyard IPA Backwoods by Backwoods Brewing

Lamb –

Traditional ideas –

Querida from Oso Libre Boredeuax blend

Something New & Interesting –

Tempranillo Mark Herold cult favorite in Spain

Chicken –

Traditional ideas –

Pinot Gris from Cathedral Ridge

Something New & Interesting –

Sweet Riesling – Cathedral Ridge

Copperline Amber Ale – Backwoods Brewery

Turkey –

Traditional ideas –

Sauvignon Blanc Wooden Valley

Something New & Interesting –

Flux Grenache Blend – Mark Herold

Eola Hills Rose

Cherry Hard Cider –  Jester & Judge

Copperline Amber Ale – Backwoods Brewery

Duck/Goose –

Traditional ideas –

Blue Chip Pinot Noir by Wy’ East Vineyards

Something New & Interesting –

Gewürztraminer  – Mt. Hood Winery

Copperline Amber Ale – Backwoods Brewery

Fish –

Traditional ideas –

new to public but wine world knows it … Lean flaky fish / Haddock  –

Albarino Solitary Cellars

& Cardella

Cardella Winery Logo Cardella Winery Logo

Something New & Interesting –

White meaty fish – Oak Chardonnay McKahn

Mushroom Dish –

Traditional –

Cardella Chardonnay

Cardella Winery Logo Cardella Winery Logo

Something New & Interesting –

Pinot Noir – St. Bartholomew

Pecan Porter – Backwoods Brewery

Dessert Pairing –

Traditional –

RS Sommer – Engelmann Cellars

Something New & Interesting –

Symphony Farmer’s Fury

Pineapple Jester & Judge

Surprise! Coffee House blends by PPv over ice cream or pound cake or brownies


Impressive Gifts to Give –

Red Wines –

Flora Springs – Single Vineyard Series 2014 St. Helena Rennie Reserve

Krupp Brothers – Veraison

Zinfandel – McKahn Family Cellars

Cabernet Sauvignon from Merlo Family Estate Vineyards –

White Wines –

Patland Estate Vineyards – Chardonnay

Craft Beer –

Single Scale IPA bc it surprises folks who wouldn’t buy it for themselves Backwoods Brewery adventurous beer to try on your own

Hard Cider –

Columbia Belle – unique & fun one to try Jester & Judge

Of Interest –

Pear Wine – Mt. Hood Winery

Great Night Cap Treat – Wy’ East Vineyards Cloud Cap Select

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