An epitome of quality and style a gift that carries your own personal label are impressive gifts to give, aren’t they? Personally label spirits are an admirable corporate gift. What is the difference between imported private label and custom blend American wine or craft beer?

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Private Label Wine Gifts

Designing a personal label with the help of a graphic designer adds your special signature touch to your corporate gifts. That is the hallmark of a private label = it has your personal label.

Private labels can be placed on bottled varietals of wine. This can make your gift of a special Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay or other varietal even more personal in nature.

Our CKJY Exports team has access to varietals that are ready to have your label designed and added to them to become your personal gifts. Additionally, we have some winemakers who have made notable California blends available for your personal label to be added.

Custom Blend Wine Gifts

Custom blend wine gifts can look much like a private label bottle. However, these gifts are different from the inside out. Our CKJY Exports team would help you determine your preferred taste profile. We would work with our team of wine makers to develop sample wines for you to taste and to select a custom wine blend to carry your personal label.

Of course, special projects like this require a months longer time line to develop than a private label project. However, once we develop your preferred custom wine blend, we can replicate it for years to be your signature corporate gift.

Private Label Craft Beer or Hard Cider Possible?

Yes! Our CKJY Exports team has cider makers and craft brewers who can do for craft beer and hard cider the same to create private labels and custom blends also.

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Where to Start to Import Your Own Private Label or Custom Blend?

Contact CKJY Exports team to put our wine makers, craft brewers or hard cider makers to work for you to create your own label for export –

Looking forward to helping you develop your own private label in 2018!

Visit our website for more information – CKJY Exports Inc.

Cases & Kegs just for you!

Want to read more on designing your own private label with CKJY Exports Inc.? CKJY Exports – How To Get a Private Label Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider Graphic by Claire Logsdon

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