“How to” Host a Fun Olympics Tasting Party – Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider

Watching the Winter Olympics is fun, isn’t it? Are you watching alone or with friends? Thought of having an Olympics party to add to the fun? Yes? Here is an idea for you Host a Fun Olympics Tasting Party! How? Below is all you will need.

Shop for Olympics Tasting Party

Shopping List – Explained below:

Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider – whatever you want to be the center of your tasting

Bottle Bags?

Print Outs?


Pens or pencils?


Select Your Olympic Competitor Spirits

Wine? Craft Beer? Hard Cider? – Need 5 of them.

Shop for the spirit of your choice by finding 5 wines, craft beers or hard ciders from 5 different countries, regions or makers. These will be the focal point of your tasting party.

Or ask your guests to help! Have them each bring a wine from North America or Australia or South America or Europe or Africa.

Next … think of what you have at home to use or shop for colorful bottle bags. See next heading for deeper understanding.

Sample Photo of Winter Olympics Tasting Spirits Competitors


5 Steps to Host A Tasting Olympics Party

  1. Paper Preparations – Printouts. Each guest will need a placemat. You will need 1 Judge Tally Sheet & 1 Awards Sheet to announce who takes the podium. Also, each guest will need a pen or pencil to record their tasting thoughts.

Print Mat for Each Guest –Tasting Olympics MatPrint 1 Each of the Tally Sheet & Pedal Place Listing –Tasting Olympics Tally Sheet

Tasting Olympics Medal Awards

2. Competitor Preparations – Disguise which bottle is which by placing in the colorful bottle bags for the Tasting Competition either before guests arrive or at the beginning of the party in secret.

Need a green, gold, black, red and blue containers to disguise where each of your secret spirits is from. You can purchase 5 different wine bags or be creative! Use colorful napkins or towels you already have.

3. Decide Timing You Want to Switch Tasting Competitors – 

Perhaps plan on allowing everyone to taste each competitor for 30 minutes. Set a timer and pause the Winter Olympics to announce which competitor bag you will be tasting next. Help distribute tastes to everyone from that colored bag.

This is awesome to give you more fast forward time during the Olympic broadcast to skip commercials!

During Your Party …

4. Gathering Tally Points Per Competitor? – How Do You want to Do It?

Take a moment to go around the room and have everyone verbally give you their personal point awards each round? Or pass the tally sheet around for everyone to fill in their points?

It is probably best to do this judging as you go. If you wait until the end, it may not be as fun.

5. Use the Tally Sheet to Total Points & Unveil the Medal Awards!

You can to create a 3 level “Medal Stand” and place the bottles on it. I would use books or boxes with a white cloth over it on a side table to accomplish this.  It may even be a fun centerpiece for your snack table, right?

As you announce the medal winners starting with 3rd place/Bronze, place the bottle in the bag on the stand. Continue with Silver & Gold awards. Then, unveil the bottles to reveal the labels.

Announce your winners by producer’s name and region as they do in the Olympics.

If you wish, find the anthem of that country to play with your phone. : )


Enjoy the Olympics!

Please email us comments if you host an Olympic Tasting Party.

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