Sharing Merlo Family Estate Vineyards – Wonderful Italian West Coast Fusion Wine

Have you been searching for a full bodied West Coast wine with smooth Italian charm? Merlo Family Estate Vineyards creates beautifully interesting wines with an enjoyable smooth sophisticated palate.

Each wine tells a story; an old adage, I have found to be true. Just looking the bottle design, gives hints on the bouquet and taste to expect. Hence, a winery’s essence and signature flavor are somehow magically reflected in the label design and bottle presentation.

Tasting one varietal of a winery creates only shares one piece of a winery’s story. Therefore, experiencing more of a winery’s varietals and blends, allows you to get to know their family of flavors.

Merlo Family Estate Vineyards Wine Offerings

Somehow …  a winery is a magical place. Particularly, magical is how they  grow, design, craft and create their wine. Each bottle is somehow infused with their creativity, persona and story. Accordingly, knowing the winemaker truly helps develop one’s taste and appreciation for the wines they create. Learning the winemaker and the winery’s story imbues each sip with a subtle flavor appreciation, doesn’t it? Ray Merlo’s wine tells a lovely story.

Merlo Family Estate Vineyards‘ wines has Italian roots with a modern West Coast infusion which nods to this winery’s inception and creation.

Ray Learns His Family’s Winemaking Craft

Big bold red wines are a part of the winemakers story and heritage. Ray Merlo is one of the first in his family to be born in the United States after his parent immigrated from Northern Italy. Hence, wine making has always been in his blood and part of his family’s heritage. Ray’s family has been making and sharing beautiful wine for over 200 years in Emilia.

Once Ray turned 17 years old, his family sent him toNorthern Italy to spend time with family. Spending time with his aunt and uncle equated to spending time with his Italian grapevine roots. Consequently, Ray became intimately familiar with his family’s farming practices, harvesting secrets and the timing involved in crafting smooth Italian wines.

Traditional farming methods honor the whole process and impacts the character of not only the vineyard, but also the wine it produces. In the traditional Italian way, managing a vineyard is very organic and in tune to the elements.

Merlo Family Estate Vineyards Explore more

Birth of His Merlo Winery in Trinity Lakes, CA

Merlo Family Estate Vineyards is located in Trinity Lakes.  Trinity Lakes offers a cooler mountain climate very similar to where he learned in Emilia. Because of his great knowledge of Italian vineyards and climate change, Ray selected farther north in California. Moreover with this prime location very similar to his Italian family’s vineyard location, the summers are cooler and the growing season is longer. Most noteworthy, Ray’s careful vineyard creation lends itself to growing lovely grapes that share a true sense of place.

Not only did Ray’s Italian family influence how he plants, grows and manages his vineyard, they were strong influences on his wine making processes as well.  More modern equipment have been installed in Ray’s winery; however, his practices are purely Merlo family tradition. All of the Merlo Family Estate Vineyard wines are beautifully complex and enjoyable.

As a result of his dedication, Ray’s exceptionally balanced wines reveal many delicate flavors to your tongue. Merlo’s “Blackbird” California red blend through Ray’s complete line of rich red wines, they ask to be paired with traditional Italian dishes. His light fresh crisp whites long for a Mediterranean seafood dish to fully enjoy them.

As a result, Ray’s magical talent is sharing his unique fusion of his California upbringing with his Italian heritage. Discover it for yourself in a bottle of Merlo Family Estate Vineyards.

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