#OpenThat BottleDay = Create a Wine Occassion

Everyone who enjoys wine seems to collect a few bottles or a cellar full, right? Then, you “save” a bottle or a few for a special occasion … that never comes. Those dusty saved bottles are the stars of #OpenThatBottleDay ! Celebrate with us!

Did you know that since 2000, the last Saturday of February is “Open that Bottle Day”? Not our best known holiday is it? We should celebrate anyway because there is a great reason for it. Don’t let your saved wine go to waste.

Oops! We missed the day. – Do not miss the spirit of the event.

Use #OpenThatBottleDay as a reminder to evaluate your wine collection. Our CKJY Exports team celebrates this annually by using the #OpenThatBottleDay event to help us evaluate the wines we have been “saving.”

Suggestion = Select an evening this week that you will be able to fully enjoy a wine focused evening.

Plan a meal around this bottle and open it JUST BECAUSE this week!

Time Matters to Wine – Saving Too Long Can Ruin Wine

Saving wine too long can be bad. Did you know that a Cabernet Sauvignon can be stored for 7-10 years but that a Merlot only 3-5 years for optimum quality? Wine definitely has a shelf life and needs to be enjoyed before it gets too old.

Here is a handy reference guide for how long each type of wine can be stored shared by Fine Wine Concierge.

If you would prefer an infographic, Wine Folly has a terrific one, Cellar Wine Guide.

Tips for Opening Older Wine Bottles

Sometimes older corks can crumble easily. The best opener for this type of cork is the double prong opener. If your cork crumbles, you can always use a strainer to separate cork bits from the wine and still enjoy it.

You may want to allow the wine to “resettle” in an upright position for a few days. This will allow sediment to settle to the bottom of the bottle.

Looking for other tips? The Wall Street Journal shared an Open That Bottle article in 2007 with lots of tips. You may want to read through for more tips.

Open That Bottle Day = Time to Celebrate!

Create a Wine Occassion to Enjoy Your Saved Bottle

Why not collaborate with friends to fully enjoy #OpenThatBottleDay ? Host a potluck gathering and ask everyone to bring a bottle from their collections? That way each of you get to try even more wine, right? Sharing is the true essence of wine. Gather friends, collect saved bottles and enjoy an evening together.

Have fun with your wine! That’s what wine and #OpenThatBottleDay is all about.

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