Taking a Closer Look at Creating a Private Label Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider with CKJY Exports

Want to make a lasting impression on your clients? Have you considered creating your own West Coast private label alcohol beverage?  If so… you may have some questions like these about creating a private label :

What is a “Private Label” 

A Private Label for export is a product that is already made that you chose and create a label for. Along the West Coast there are so many excellent producers of wine, beer and cider that will create extra of their quality product for you to place a unique label on for your use.

Why create a private label? 

Now, that that you know WHAT a private Label wine, beer or cider is.

Why do you need to import a private label?

SO many reasons!

Here are just a few of them:

Hotel – 

  • You run a hotel, which means you carefully curate your guests entire experience to be top of the line from their rooms, the hotel bar, pool and restaurants. Your guests are often loyal customers who appreciate your dedication to a quality experience. They will definitely appreciate you selecting a wine or beer to pair with their experience.
  • A great way to grab attention of guests would be to offer a great value happy hour pouring of your Private Label wine, beer or cider! Definitely will get them talking with their friends and family about you.

Restaurant – 

  • Restaurants design the entire experience of a meal by selecting the decor, crafting a menu and training the wait staff. Why not go one step further? Have a private label collection of wine, beer or cider that your guests can enjoy alongside their meal. (Or take home to recreate the experience and share with friends) Elevate the dining experience through crafting a Private Label with an expert team!

Chain Stores-  

  • Your loyal customers trust & respect your brand, that’s why they are repeat customers. When trying new items customers will be more eager to trust your judgement. (Successful stores in the USA that have done this well are Target & Trader Joe’s)
  • Create a label to match your brand and customers buying history to further grow your relationship with customers.

Traditional Company – 

  • So many gift are given out to clients and employees.. But how memorable are they? What type of impression do you think a Private Label Wine with your logo & a special message would make? (Hint: a HUGE impression) Demonstrate how you truly value employees, clients and colleagues with this thoughtful gift. It is something unique and personal and will portray a sense of pride for what your company does.
    • Give something to your clients that will not fade away like so many other gifts do. (Just like your superior service stands out)
    • Give a gift of pride and accomplishment to your employees to share with friends and family that shows how much you truly appreciate their hard work and dedication to the company.

Special Events –

  • Are you hosting a wedding, anniversary, grand opening, special holiday party or a festival? How better to mark the special occasion than with a private label wine!  Commemorate a spectacular day with your own Private Label wine, beer or cider. The best part is, you can drink it at the party, give as Party Favors or drink afterwards remembering the great day.

It is a gift that keeps giving with memories, personal art & a wine that grows with age.

Distribution –

  • Is there an idea that you just have to get out there? Something you see bringing people together over drinks to share stories & experiences? Do you want it to pop off the shelf at a store, restaurant, hotel or bar?

Build that with CKJY Exports. Our skilled team will bring your idea to life through our award winning winemakers and brewmasters and graphic designers.

Why not create a private label?

It’s fun! 

  • Never show up to another dinner party empty handed or with a blah bottle of wine. Give the gift of something you specifically made to share with all your friends, family and colleagues. Your Private Label is the finished product of drinkable art… that you commissioned & designed. A sure fire conversation starter!
A couple sample label options to help you visualize possibilities for your own.

How do you make a private label?

I am glad you asked!  

You have to be able to answer these basic, very important questions before getting to the creative part of creating a private label of your own.

Questions –

Wine, beer or hard cider?

  • Your purpose for creating a private label? – Are you selling this wine or using it as a gift? Is it to be used for a company, event or personal gift/consumption?
  • What quantity do you need? (Minimum size order = 1 pallet of wine, craft beer or hard cider)
  • Pricing? This varies depending on what you are seeking. We have lots of options available for export.
    • How much are you looking to spend for the full order?
      • Then understand how this will translate per unit.
        • (product, design, printing, shipping, customs, testing & importing costs)
  • Can you describe the flavor or style you are looking for?
    • What is most popular in your store/restaurant/hotel of this type of product?
    • What is your favorite?
    • Are you looking for something to age well or drink soon?
    • Who is going to be drinking this?
      • This is very important to understand when choosing your product? That way you wow your audience & get the best result for you end product
        • Different cultures, ages & regions have different taste profile

Timeline Matters. Let’s Plan for Success!

What is your “timeline”? Understandably, exporting takes time and we want to plan your private label to reach you and your special premier event in plenty of time for shipping, getting through customs, etc.

Contact CKJY Exports!

Then, we will make creating a private label a breeze 🙂

Creating a private label with CKJY Exports utilizing American wine, craft beer or hard cider will give your imported private label a signature flavor!

Doesn’t this sound AWESOME?!?!

Check us out  prototypes of private labels on our CKJY Exports Online Label Gallery. 

Interested? Contact us to create a private label to export for you!

Want to read a bit more about creating a private label with CKJY Exports? Read an earlier post about these exciting possibilities – Want Your Own Private Label or Custom Blend American Made Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider?


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