13 Reasons Why Everyone is Obsessed with Enjoying Craft Beer

Everyone is obsessed with enjoying craft beer and you should be too!

The craft beer industry is booming! If you have not heard someone talk about craft beer in 2018, you must be living under a rock.

The craft beer movement has grown so large that it is challenging the traditional beer culture across the world. So why should you join this beer movement and begin enjoying craft beer?

13 Reasons Why Everyone is Obsessed with Craft Beer

1. Taste – 

The biggest reason to be obsessed with enjoying craft beer! With so many different flavors, styles and types there is a beer for EVERYONE. Brewers can be crafty with how they incorporate different ingredients and flavors to surprise you.

2. Healthy –

Did you know that drinking craft beer is actually HEALTHIER for you?? Craft Beer can actually help lower your cholesterol, your risk of heart failure and even reduce the risk of weight gain in women! Hallelujah, your prayers have been answered! Read more about the health benefits here https://www.craftbeer.com/craft-beer-muses/craft-beer-and-your-health

3. American

The craft beer movement started in America, it is a product of the American free & creative spirit. Enjoy a bit of culture in a bottle no matter where you are. Whether you are in Stockholm, Sweden or Seoul, South Korea; sit back & sip on American craftsmanship.

American Craft Beer

4. Alcohol % –

Did you know that the ABV in Craft Brews is much higher than your regular old beer?  Craft Brews = MORE fun per bottle!

5. $$$ Money $ –

Quality over Quantity.  With the higher alcohol by volume (ABV) that means less beers to buy. Meaning you and your wallet both can have a great time! Who wouldn’t want that??

Money Cloud

6. Drink a Beer as Original as You

With 70+ types of Craft Beer and every brewer’s personal style of beer, the options are limitless! Let the adventure begin as you enjoy craft beer styles and flavor profiles. You can find your favorite type of beer and a brewery that matches your style to explore them all!  Learn more about craft beer styles – https://www.craftbeer.com/beer-styles

7. Great Conversation Starters

Want to get to know a co-worker or new friend better? Beer is always an excellent start. Not only does craft beer alcohol percentage make the words flow, it gives you a topic to talk about.

8. Drinkable Art –

Each craft beer is its own work of art. A master piece that the brewery team worked hard to create. Everything was chosen to delight your senses from the bottle cap, label design, the bottle and of course.. the beer! Go discover art in a whole new light at your local pub.

It's Art! Gif

9. Support Smaller Businesses –

Each craft beer you taste started because a brewer followed their dream! Running a business and creating the art you are drinking takes a lot of hard work, sweat and tears. When you buy and enjoy craft beer, you are supporting small businesses and artists!

10. Be a part of the story –

Each Craft Brewery has their own story and signature style. When you drink one of their beers, you join the journey of sharing beer and art with the world. Share what you drink on social media! Brewery teams love to see folks enjoying their beer.

11. Food Pairing Fun–

Take your “beer game” to the next level! Craft Beer can be paired with different meals just like wine. Each type of beer has different flavors and notes that dance beautifully with your food’s flavor. This adds a new level to enhance a craft beer’s ability to create an enjoyable and memorable meal.

Winnie the Pooh Gif

12. More Mindful-

Engage your senses with the subtle notes found in your beer when you drink craft. This makes you a more enlightened and discerning beer drinker. “Craft-beer drinkers are more engaged than the mass domestic audience,” says Julia Herz, director of the Craft Beer Program at the Brewers Association.

13. Seasonality –

It is a way to let your pallet experience the seasons too! Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall each have their own clothing styles & foods… so why not beer? Craft brewers are constantly creating new brews that feature and pair with fresh “in season” ingredients for you to enjoy!

"Seasons" Tree - CKJY Exports Inc.

These are just some of the reasons why craft beer is exploding in popularity all over the globe. Craft beer is an enjoyable experience.

In fact…. American Craft Beer exports are at an all-time high! In 2017 the Craft Beer Exports from the USA were over $125 million dollars.


Brewer's Association
from the Brewer’s Association 4/3/18 Blog Post – AMERICAN CRAFT BEER EXPORTS SURPASS $125 MILLION

Want to learn more about how to bring some liquid gold to your country, talk to CKJY Exports today!

Bringing the world together 1 beer at a time… we will cheers to that!

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