Sip the Waters’ Family Recipe for Success @ Backwoods Brewing Company

Does your family pass down recipes? The Waters family does! Living in the small logging town of Carson, Washington their roots have grown strong together. Consequently, their small town family values of honesty, hard work, good value and community have blossomed into a tasty business, Backwoods Brewing Company.

Blood is Thicker than Water

Family run businesses are not typically the topic of most major business publication articles. However, recently as I was reading online I stumbled up on the Forbes article, by Rhett Powers – All in The Family: Business Leaders Share Advice on Working with Relatives.  Six different business leaders briefly share about their experiences of working with family members in the article.

However, this quote sums up much of the interesting article – “Avidan Milevsky, associate professor of psychology at Ariel University and executive director of the Family Institute in Israel, points out that sibling dynamics can easily make or break a family business, and matters involving money are notorious for cultivating destructive sibling dynamics. However, through his research, he’s found that siblings can also improve the chances that a family business is successful if they have a close bond. As long as siblings or other family members each have their own niche, things are likely to function smoothly. “

Cream Always Rises to the Top

Immediately, the Waters family and Backwoods Brewing came to mind. Their story has been one of  a strong family working together in a small logging town. In many ways, becoming a well known brewery was not a family goal but … Wow! Do they do it well!

Kevin began brewing beer in the back room of their family grocery store in 2012. Soon, brother Tom joined him. Both production and demand grew. Many weren’t sure that this was a great course of action given Carson’s logging business was flailing amidst the economic downturn and other challenges. However, “cream always rises to the top” is another old saying that comes to mind.

The Waters family is an exceptional team. Distribution of their beer to the local markets helped to build local demand for their creatively craft brewed flavors. Sampling of the family’s lagers soon became available at their brewpub. This also helped to grow demand and test market creative flavors.

Now, they have expanded adding a new brewery in a 10,000 square foot facility. With so many West Coast craft breweries opening and closing, the success the Waters family has had speaks to their quality. With both Kevin and Tom graduated from Eastern Washington University. In fact, they were recently featured in their alumni magazine, All in the Family.

Shining the Online Light on Backwoods Brewing Company

Quality through and through is what Backwoods Brewing embodies. When both the locals and folks traveling through take the time to sing your praises online, you are doing something right.

Want to see for yourself? Google “Backwoods Brewing” – Look how many pages of wonderful reviews appear. Reviews and responses FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram show the Backwoods family team has developed quite a community of dedicated fans. You will easily see that they do a terrific job sharing their beers through social media.

Backwoods Brewing Company “Surpassed Expectations

Of course, craft brewing review sites also have positive vibes – UntappdHopplotter , Beer Mapping Project  and Beer Advocate.  Additionally, on Reddit one can readily find positive mention of many Backwoods’  brews like this one sharing the joys of their Pecan Porter – Backwoods Brewing Company – Pecan Porter.

Bloggers such as Beer Guy PDX has featured their Logyard IPA in a post saying “Aroma was resinous pine and citrus hops. Tropical fruit in the background. Pineapple and guava notes. Taste followed the nose. Grapefruit-y citrus. Lemon. Pineapple. Respectable hops bitterness that you’d expect from a well-crafted NW IPA. Light caramel malt provided a good balance against the hops. Herbal spiciness in the mix, too. Nice!

RateBeer has a page dedicated to Backwoods where true beer aficionados can both rate and follow their beer scores. Not bad for an “out of the way” brewery in a logging town of 2,200 folks, right?

 Trip Advisor ranks them #1 Restaurant in their town and has given them a “Certificate of Excellence.” While  Yelp shares over 100 photos and over 100 positive reviews. Want to drink with your dog? Not surprisingly, their brewpub is for the dogs too!  9 tables offer an opportunity to enjoy your beer with your pup – Bring Fido.

Blueberry Wheat Backwoods Brewing

Waters Family + Creative Spirit                                          = Craft Beer Worth Exploring & Exporting

Backwoods Brewing Company has its roots firmly planted in a logging area around Carson / Stevenson Washington. Many of the brews they craft year round carry that heritage with their names such as Logyard IPA, Copperline Amber, Ridge Run Stout, Clear Cut Pale and Big Cedar IRA. These are excellent brews that pair well with many American classic foods.

Blueberries are a favorite of Kevin’s and well … he is both a creative and talented brewer. So Backwoods Brewing Company’s first fruit beer featured blueberries. He did this so well that it is a perennial  favorite.

Creativity brews interesting flavor notes! Caramel, chocolate and vanilla dance on your your tongue with pecan in their Pecan Porter. Similarly, their Imperial Maple Porter has a lightly sweet flavor of maple syrup and vanilla. Can you pick a favorite beer from their complete line pictured on their website at Backwoods Brewing Company?

It is easy to want to share something good isn’t it? That is how our CKJY Exports team feels about Backwoods Brewing Company’s delicious beer. Others around the world need an opportunity to enjoy this delightful brews!

Good People Make Good Business Sense

Waters family fingerprints are all over this unique business. Working well together and striving for excellence in both flavor and practice is a goal of this tightly knit clan.

Kevin works his magic brewing while Tom serves as Operations Manager. Brother Steve has joined to assist with the financial parts of the business and functions as the company’s CEO. Additionally, the Waters women pitch in a few days a week lending a hand  with the brewpub, social media and special events.

With each of the Waters family members utilizing their special talents in different areas of the business, this talented dedicated team has created a strong effective business to be admired. For this reason, you can taste the quality and deep devotion in each sip of any Backwoods Brewing Company’s craft beers. They are truly created using the Waters’ family recipe for success in life and business.

CKJY Exports is Eager to Share Backwoods Brew with You!

Seoul, South Korea? Mumbai, India? Taipei, Taiwan? Somewhere else? Certainly, we can assist you in importing Backwoods Brewing Company’s tasty craft brew to offer exclusively in your pub, restaurant, hotel or shop.

Our CKJY Exports team is proud to serve as the export arm of Backwoods Brewing Company. Please contact us to inquire about importing this family’s recipe for success to you!

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