Stop & Smell the Rosé ! Let’s Celebrate Rosé  Wine!

Happy Rosé Wine Month! Welcome to the Rosé  state of mind. Come sip some rosé  knowledge with us!

There is not a more perfect month than June to celebrate rosé than when the rose bushes are in full bloom. So.. what is rosé other than pink wine? While many people love drinking rosé, but have no idea what rosé wine is….

Is rosé a varietal? A style? A type of grape? Is the wine died pink??

rose wine with sunlight

How is Rosé Wine Created:

To first answer what rosé is, let’s talk about how rosé is made.

There are 3 different ways to make your favorite rosés.

  1. Traditional – rosé wine is produced when red grape skins macerate in their juices for a period of time. (Winefolly pg. 92) Treating red wine grapes like you would when making a white wine. (  )
  2. Expected – Most people think rosé is just Red & White blended together to make pink (just like a color wheel) This works, however is not the most respectable way to make rosé in the wine world.
  3. “Saignee” – Which means “to bleed”. Red grapes are pressed to make juice. Some of this juice is syphoned off before it ferments with the skins becoming red wine. The juice separated is the rosé. (

Where Does Rosé Wine Come From? 

Where does rosé come from? What are the premiere regions? Rosé is made just about everywhere!

rose opening

Top 3 Producing Countries of Rosé:

  1. France – The rosé wine of France are often very dry. For instance, French Rose is made from Grenache and Syrah that have savory and fruity styles with gorgeous deep ruby tones.
  2. Italy – Rosé better known as Rosato across Italy using their native grape varietals. Berry forward, it is a very full and enjoyable rosé.
  3. United States – Boasts the biggest range in style of rosé from sickly sweet to bone dry. As a result, winemakers across the United States use many different red varietals to create their own unique take on Rose.

tip the rose wine

Fun Rosé Wine Fact:

California put rosé on the map with the popularity of White Zinfandel. That is to say the craze started in the 1970s when Sutter Home out of Napa made a by an accident. This winery used their excess juice from their Zinfandel harvest to create the rosé wine.  Consequently their wine creation became a several decade phenomena that introduced a brand new generation to wine.

What Flavors You May Experience When Sipping Rosé Wine –

 Rosé dominant flavors are:

  • Strawberry
  • Honeydew
  • Rose Petal
  • Celery
  • Orange Peel

Specifically, there can be many different flavor notes in the world of rosé that fall into the categories of: Herbal, Floral, Citrus, Tree Fruit, Melon, Red Fruit, Dried Fruit and Earth.

Therefore the varietal of grape or grapes used and how long the skins macerate determine the flavors of the rosé wine are greatly.

Go explore different varietals and regions to find your perfect bouquet of rosé!

I brought rose wine

Best Ways to Enjoy Rosé –

  • Glass: An aroma glass, that way you can pick up all the beautiful notes that Rose has to offer
  • Drink rosé year round!
  • Age 2-3 Years
  • Varietals of Rose to try:
    • Pinot Noir – Smooth and extremely delicate. Handle with care and this rosé will wow you!
    • Syrah – A rosé wine to really sink your teeth into, pairs great with surprising meals such as pizza or burgers!
    • Grenache- Bold & beautiful colors meant for summer evenings. Chill this varietal and sit back and relax.
      • French specialty
    • Gamay – Gamay maybe one of the brightest wines with taste and appearance! Undoubtedly beautiful floral and melon notes you won’t forget.

For more info follow this guide

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