How Cool is Flora Springs Winery? Wine Cave Cool? Yes & More!

Exactly how cool is Flora Springs Winery?  Snoopy’s Cool Joe cool? Justin Timberlake cool? Maybe … James Dean cool? Perhaps even … Frank Sinatra or Elvis cool? Why is our CKJY Exports team convinced on the U.S. winery scene that Flora Springs Winery is COOL? Here are our thoughts on this matter …

Where to Begin …

For starters their address is cool. Flora Springs Winery is 1978 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena CA 94574. Why is that cool?  1978 is the year that Flora Springs Winery was begun.  Also, it is important to realize that Zinfandel IS California wine. That is the quintessential wine that this region is known for around the world. St. Helena is the American Viticultural Area designated on the northern portion of the Napa Valley. No one can doubt that Napa Valley is cool, can they?

Flora Springs Winery Tasting Room

A quick internet search will show you that visiting their tasting room is a very cool experience. Their tasting room is an exceptionally modern structure at 677 St Helena Highway, St Helena, CA 94574.

What Fun!

What do art hops, soccer games, baseball games, cruises, European tours and Nascar cars on display have in common? All activities that have been or are offered to folks interested in hanging out with the Flora Springs Winery team. So much more than just another tasting room experiences, right?

However … their Napa tasting room is a great wine experience. For this reason, many folks who have stopped by their tasting rooms have a awarded them 4 or 5 stars on many different rating sites. Check it out for yourself on 4.7 stars on Google, 4.5 stars on Yelp and 4.5 stars on Trip AdvisorNapa Valley’s Travel Website named them to the top of the list of tasting rooms to visit in 2015.  In 2016 thanks to consistent praise and reviews by travelers, they were awarded Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence.  Again in 2017, Food & Wine Magazine labeled them as one of the “Best to Visit.” Consistently receiving great comments and folks being willing to stop their day to laud you online for others to see is cool with style, right?

If you are planning a trip to Napa, CA, you should stop by. They welcome guests and events at both their tasting room and winery. Find directions and more on their “Visit Us” website tab.

Flora Springs Has a Wine Cave!

Flora Springs Wine Cave - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Yes! They have a Wine Cave. While several wineries in the Napa area do … it is still cool! Which I guess is the point, right? Their cave offers the perfect conditions to store their wine.

Unlike a batty superhero,  the “gadgets” they have in it are there to monitor their lovingly stored wine collection. Wouldn’t you agree that wine is a much better use of a cave than for a “Bat Mobile”? If you had to pick … the “Bat Mobile” would get a nice garage, right?

Honor Their Rich History

Flora Springs Winery began with the restoration of the century old “Ghost Winery.”  The Komes and the Garvey families have labored together to create their winery from the terrior up. Consequently,  they personally know every corner of their vineyards, how to best farm it and yield the best results. John Komes says “This identity of site dictates how we farm, and in turn, how we make the wine. By respecting this identity, we craft elegant and powerful wines that reflect the place from which they originate.”

Flora Springs Winery Logo

Where did they get the name of the winery? John and Julie named it after their mother Flora and the natural springs that run through the property. Thus was born the name Flora Springs Winery. Their goal is to preserve Miss Flora’s spirit with the wines they create. In his own words, John describes her as being ” always gracious to her community, demanded excellence and lived with a twinkle in her eye.”  That is an ambitious goal to create, right?

Cool Namesake … Their Mom!

Born in Hawaii, Flora was quite a gal. In the 1930’s, she insisted on completing her nursing studies and getting a job prior to getting married to Jerry Komes.  Significantly, Jerry was an engineering force that helped forge some of California’s most well known structures. He was a part of the engineering teams that constructed our iconic Golden Gate and San Francisco Bay bridges. They had three children Mike, John and Julie. As mother of the Komes family, Flora both grounded and inspired her kids. A cool legacy to leave, don’t you agree?

Of course, their Napa Valley Vintners website page John Komes words echo his mother’s spirit, don’t you think?  “We exist not only for the traditional purpose of business, but beyond that, to enhance the lives of our customers and improve the quality of our community.”  Being good neighbors and contributing citizens are a respected type of cool.

Their vineyards have grown to 650 sustainably and organically farmed acres. Over the course of their history they have pioneered new farming techniques such as night time harvesting, utilizing solar power production and pursuing organic farming techniques. These two families are a big part of Napa Valley leading the American wine revolution. Leading a wine revolution is cool, right?

White Wine Emoji?

White Wine Emoji Flora Springs Winery

Modern times has not dulled the Flora Springs spirit. In fact, they are currently starting another revolution online! Recently,  they have been working to have a white wine emoji added to the emoji options.  Consequently, their petition has been approved and they are moving to the next step in the process. While the white wine emoji isn’t a foregone conclusion, our team is betting on them to make it happen. Very cool, right?

Award Winning Taste of Flora Springs Wines

On May 31, 1987 at a White House luncheon honoring President and Mrs. Gorbachev of the USSR,  the Reagans served Flora Springs’ Chardonnay with grilled salmon. Since that auspicious luncheon, their wines have been served on many occasions.  For an American wine, being served at the White House is cool!

Many of the names of the Flora Springs wines carry the names of the original farmers or pay homage to them. Learn more about the Rennie Brothers or the Ghost Winery on the legacy pages of their website – Flora Springs Legacy.

Thus far … we have told you a lot about the winery and not much about their wines. Is it all flash without any bang? Nope!

2015-Trilogy Flora Springs

Truly, you have to dig to find much about the accolades their wines have been awarded on their site.  Here are a few of the accolades their Trilogy wine has garnered –

2014Trilogy_Robert Parker Rating

Not surprisingly, their Trilogy has earned a lot of acclaim -James Suckling (95 points), Robert Parker (93 points), the Tasting Panel Magazine (93 points) and Wine Enthusiast (92 points).

Flora Springs Merlot

Honestly, these are just a few of the wine awards they have earned over many vintages in several different varietals. See for yourself as you explore their wine listings.

Virtually visit their tasting room and learn a bit more about their wine from Serf as he pours several varietals in Episode 55 on Kat Synth’s You Tube Channel  or visit the Flora Springs Winery wine page.

“Our best wines are yet to come” …

Recently in an interview printed in the 1805 Pricebook, John Komes said “My motto is that our best wines are yet to come. Otherwise the game is over. If you want to win, stay in the game. We’ve been in that game for four decades and continue to look toward the future.” John also shares that Trilogy is both their winery’s flagship wine and his favorite. He is continually thinking of ways to improve it. Nonetheless, their 2015 vintage of Trilogy is “one of the finest we’ve ever created.”

This winemaker is known for his ability to tell great engaging stories. However, he feels that stories and wine are both paired best together with friends. Again … cool without trying, right?

Is Flora Springs Winery Frank Sinatra Level Cool?

If you would like to learn more about the Flora Springs family, team or wine, please visit their website at Drink in their lovely pictures of their lovingly restored winery and beautiful Napa. Honestly … you guessed it … even their website is COOL.

In fact, both the Komes and Garvey families continue working to create a winery with THAT level of COOL!

That is to say their parents, Flora and Jerry, gave Julie and John a great start on this venture. Granted Julie and John’s hard work and diligence have created wines that have been recognized by the best of the best in the wine world. Understandably, the deep concern they have for every aspect of this venture from sustainable vineyard management to offering the best hospitality speaks of quality.

Enduring quality is an exceptional level of COOL. For this reason, they are exceptionally cool. In fact … Flora Springs Winery is well on its way to being Frank Sinatra level cool!

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Interested in importing Flora Springs lovely wines for your wine list? CKJY Exports will be glad to work with you. We enjoy pairing our international friends with excellent wines. Please contact us below with this form and we will be in touch soon.

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