Single Vineyard Wine? Why is That Special?

While perusing the wine aisle or reading a nice restaurant’s wine list, you may have come across the term “ Single Vineyard ”.

You may have thought to yourself… Don’t all wines come from a vineyard? Why is a Single Vineyard special?

Did you feel nervous wondering what does this mean? Truth be told, I felt nervous when I first read this too! Have no fear, I am here to help you!

What is a Single Vineyard Wine?

A single vineyard wine is just as it sounds, wine made from grapes grown in one, single vineyard.

Wineries hold their single vineyard wines very near and dear to their heart. Because Single Vineyard wines are a labor of love. The vineyard is especially chosen for this project taking into great account for the soil, elevation, sun light, weather and type of grape to make the ultimate wine.

After all of this is chosen, these grapes are meticulously cared for by the vineyard manager so they grow to their fullest potential.

Single vineyard wines are often denoted by the name of the specific vineyard or a certain block of the vineyard. When a specific block of the vineyard is listed, that means the winery selected the best portion of the best vineyard to create the wine. This is known as a micro environment can create a superior wine.

But wait… how is that different from estate wines?

“Estate Wines” is another common wine industry term that describes where a wine comes from. However, this just means that all the grapes were grown on the property. Typically not all grown in the same single vineyard of the winery. Estate wines often come from many different vineyards across the winery’s premise.

Estate wines are special in their own way because many wineries must source their grapes from outside growers to meet the demand for their wine.

Single Vineyards are a more elite level wine above the Estate wines classification. Both of these types of wines truly highlight the skills of the entire winery’s team.


Why choose a Single Vineyard Wine?

So why should you splurge for the Single Vineyard wine? Simply put Single Vineyard wines are superior wines, a step above the rest.

When you enjoy a glass of single vineyard wine, you are taking in the essence of the winery. Through this wine, even if you are a continent away, you will feel the sense of place.

Often when people begin discussing wine, it is only a matter of time before you hear the word “Terroir” If you are like me and everyone else who is not French you are wondering how in world do you say Terroir. The proper way to pronounce is “tare WAHr”. Don’t worry, I still mess it up from time to time, major case of cat got your tongue. (Hyper Link these: Winefolly on tare WAHr & this one one Terroir )

When you drink a Single Vineyard you get to taste the spirit of the land, the love and labor that the whole winery’s team put into the wine. It is a pure, elegant and true representation of that varietal and region.

Simply put, if you truly want to know and understand the depth and subtle notes of particular wine region or varietal, try a Single Vineyard. That is the best way to capture the essence.

How to Enjoy a Single Vineyard Wine?

Single Vineyard wines can be enjoyed many different ways like any other wine.

Personally, when I pop the cork on a Single Vineyard wine I save it for a special event because they can cost a pretty penny. Pair your special bottle with a meal that will dance beautifully with the varietal you chose.

How to best enjoy a single vineyard wine? Chose a varietal that speaks to you, whether it is a personal favorite or one you have been curious to learn about. Now that does not mean you should only chose Cabernet Sauvignon to fully embrace a Single Vineyard. (If it’s your favorite, then by all means go for it! )

Venture out to try a white varietal or a less common varietal of wine! This will ensure a unique experience, I highly recommend.

Where Can You Find These Single Vineyard Wines?

Single Vineyard wines are not your typical bottles of wine in the alcohol section of your local store. These wines are special and often made in limited releases.

So where can you find them?

The first and best option, is the at the winery!

Each winery’s staff has excellent in depth on every wine. Trust me when I say it is like poetry when you hear the heartfelt stories about how a winery made their Single Vineyard wines.

My favorite way to enjoy a Single Vineyard bottle of wine is at a very nice restaurant. Why you might ask? Fine dining restaurant staffs’ are extremely knowledgeable about their menu and wine lists. They can provide you with a wonderful, one of a kind wine experience.

Finally, if you are looking for a wide selection of unique wine, visit a specialty wine store! There are so many beautiful wine stores dedicated to bringing you the highest quality wines.

If you’re nervous about what to ask for, don’t be! Go in, describe what you are looking for. Guiding you to the right wine will make the shop keepers day!

“Which Single Vineyard Wines Should I Try?”  

Is what you’re wondering now.  Don’t worry! I have the suggestions for you!

A great place to check out varying varietals and styles of single vineyard wines is the West Coast of the United States. Additionally here are some high quality wineries, who have creating very unique and diverse single vineyard wines.

(Full disclosure – CKJY Exports Inc. represents these terrific winery teams abroad. Hence, our team knows a great deal about their lovely wines.)


Brown Estates, Napa California

Brown Estate - Rosemary Block Zinfandel

Cathedral Ridge, Columbia Gorge Oregon

Cathedral Ridge Winery

Cathedral Ridge Winery 2014_PetitVerdot_Reserve_sm

Eagle Eye Winery, Napa California

Eagle Eye Winery


Eola Hills, Willamette Valley, Oregon

Eola Hills Wine Cellars


Eponymous, Napa California

eponymous winery logo

Flora Springs Winery, Napa California

Flora Springs Winery Logo

McKahn Family Cellars – Napa, California

mckahn family cellars

McKahn Family Cellars Syrah 2015

Patland Estate Vineyards – Napa, California

Patland Vineyards

Patland Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve2015-500


WY’East Winery, Columbia Gorge, Oregon

Wy East Vineyards

Blue Chip Pinot Noir from Wy East Vineyards

Viento Wines Columbia Gorge, Oregon

viento winery oregon


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