Ace Cider – High! Naturally, a Bottle of This Cider is Winning in Your Hand …

In any card game having an “Ace” in your hand is a good thing, right? “Aces High” is a great hand if you happen to be playing poker. It means you have a straight with the highest ranking card being an Ace. If you have a wry sense of humor, pretty good at cards and a love of English apple cider, what would you name your cider company? y House family has named theirs Ace Cider and if you drink one of their lovely creations your spirits will be riding high.

Ace Cider Taps -
Image originally featured in a 2015 article by Press Democrat article – Sonoma County Hard Cider Companies Chase Juicy Market

Tasty Business Takes Root in California

At the age of 26, Jeffery House immigrated to the United States from Great Britain in 1977. He worked as an alcohol importer bringing well loved British lagers to expats living in America. Later, he was one of the first to export Sonoma wines to his friends back home.

As he explored California and the world of alcohol, he became more and more interested in ciders. In the early 1990’s, California’s Sonoma area was covered with apple trees. Jeffery felt right at home; the area reminded him of where he grew up in Great Britain.

If you have spent any time at all in Europe, you realize how important natural and tasty food is to Europeans. They go to great lengths to protect their food sources and maintain purity. Jeffery also has this trait. He appreciates his many artisan neighbors who create lovely cheeses, wines, craft beers, etc. When he began making his own cider for personal use, of course he did it naturally.

Angela & Jeffery House
The Houses pictured in taproom. This picture was originally published along with William Rohrs’ post in the 2016 North Bay Biz monthly newsletter.

California Cider Company Starts Dealing Ace Ciders

Jeffery learned that he could make tasty cider. Jeffery’s friends thought so too! Before he knew it, he was starting an all natural cidery, California Cider Company.

If you happen to be in Sebastopol on a Friday, you are in luck! You can visit the Ace-in-the-Hole cider tap room and sample a flight of their many flavors of ciders while sitting at a real British bar. The House family imported an authentic Cromwell bar to be featured in their tasting room.

As a beer importer turned cider maker, Jeffery has had some insights into the American alcohol market that few have. His cider creation talent and his industry knowledge have grown this family business into one of the largest independently owned and operated craft cideries in America.

In recent years, the American cider market has made up 1-2% of the alcohol market. Some states seem thirstier for it than others. Texas has traditionally been one of the largest markets for craft ciders. As large corporate cider companies help to expand the market, folks are inspired to look for the craft version of ciders. In about 30 states, Ace Cider is a growing choice among Americans.

House Family Hails from Another Country … Or Galaxy Far Far Away …

Out of this world is how many describe Ace Cider’s Jack …. , it is also how many have seen Jeffery’s wife Angela.  She was in the famous Star Wars “Cantina scene” where Luke Skywalker and Han Solo meet.  Angela was the actress who portrayed Brea Tonnika pictured here from her Fandom’s page in Star Wars Wikia.

Star Wars' Brea Tonnika Image from

Together, they have grown both a family and cider business. Now, their three sons, Jason, Simon and Jeremy are actively helping to build the California Cider Company and distribute Ace Ciders across the United States.

Ace Space - Bloody Orange Craft Cider - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Much like the family’s cider production, they utilize their family’s talents and local Gravenstein apples to grown this tasty business. Sonoma was once covered with apple trees that have mostly given way to Pinot Noir grapevines now. The House family sources as many apples as they can locally and as demand for their ciders has grown, so has their supply chain’s reach. Now, they import apples from many Western states to fill this growing American cider thirst.

Sip of American Cider History and Knowledge

While the new American alcohol craze seems to be cider, this is a bit funny. Did you know that the American settlers from Europe drank lots of cider? It was their drink of choice. Cider had continued in popularity until Prohibition shut everything down. Following the Prohibition years, other alcohols made a comeback and … somehow … cider did not … until now.

European ciders tend to be a bit drier and they drink lots of it. Cider is still a very popular beverage there. The American version, as with so many things, tends to be much sweeter.  However, the House family makes many different flavors of ciders for you to enjoy.

Are you Gluten Free? If you are, terrific news. All of the House family’s ciders are gluten free too!

Favorites & Top Selling Ace Cider Flavors

Ace Apple Cider

The House Family’s Apple Cider = 100% all natural apples! ACE Apple has an apple nose and a clean finish. This cider pairs well with all pork dishes, and seafood as it is a refreshing alternative to the high alcohol of wine and heaviness of a beer. (5% ABV)

Ace Apple Cider - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Ace’s Celebration Cider – Black Jack 21

This cider is unlike any other cider and is much like a fine sparkling wine. Dry in finish, this cider pairs well with many dishes such as grilled veggies, soup or pasta. Their signature, Blackjack 21 is made for celebration because it celebrates our 21 years in business. Aged in oak chardonnay barrels for a uniquely appealing flavor. (9% ABV)

Ace Cider BlackJack 21 - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

1st Pineapple Cider Developed in the World –

Inspired by the House Family’s annual visit to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands their Pineapple cider is an ideal drink for tropical hot and humid climates. This signature drink the Hawaii 5-0 is a mix of Ace Pineapple cider, coconut rum, ice and a garnish of fresh pineapple. This originally refreshing cider is perfect for a backyard BBQ, or Bacon dishes. (5% ABV)

Ace Cider Pineapple - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Ace’s Perry Cider –

First released in 1996 ACE Perry is the first Perry cider to ever be made in California. This thirst quenching cider is refreshing and light created using apple and pear juice with a dash of Madagascar vanilla. Their Ace Perry pairs well with spice foods and Asian cuisine. (5% ABV)

Ace Cider Perry / Pears - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Ace’s Seasonal Apple Honey Cider –

Mead-like Ace’s Apple Honey Cider is definitely one of ACE Cider’s most complex ciders. The mix of fermented apple juice and Sonoma wildflower honey creates a brilliant golden color. Apple Honey cider starts on the palate with a slight sweetness but then finishes dry which lends its flavor to pair well with fowl and fish.Ace Apple Honey Cider - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

A sampling of Ace Cider’s flavors have been featured here. To see their complete line, please click here and visit their website listing them.

If just reading about these tasty ciders tantalized your tastebuds, CKJY Exports can quench that thirst with the help of the House family. Reach out to us using the contact form below. Soon you can be featuring and sipping Ace Cider in your restaurant or hotel overseas.

Want to know more about creating your own private label spirit with CKJY Exports?

Taking a Closer Look at Creating a Private Label Wine, Craft Beer or Hard Cider with CKJY Exports

Contact us to begin a conversation on importing Ace Ciders –

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