Enjoy a Cup of Pat Paulsen’s Coffee House Wines for International Coffee Day

Did you know that every year September 29th is International Coffee Day? Who knew, right? Our CKJY Exports team loves coffee and drink it every day. As you know, we also love wine. Have you ever heard of wine infused with coffee? Our friend, Monty, creates a whole line of CoffeeHouse wines! Awesome, right? Keep reading …

Pat Paulsen Vineyard’s Coffee House Collection is definitely something we enjoy sharing with our international buyers!

International Appreciation –

When our Claire Logsdon has poured tastes of this coffee infused wine for international buyers, initially they have been surprised or even skeptical. However, after a small sip … a big smile comes to their faces and they immediately take another taste.

A few quotes from surprised Japanese, Korean and Indian tasters Claire has heard:

“You can make this??”

“Wow! Had no idea what to expect and I really like this.”

“I have never tasted anything like this before.”

“This is cool and different. “

or simply …


As you see from these quotes, they are always surprised with the terrific flavors winemaker Monty Paulsen has created. He was one of the first to create this much in demand wine for his eclectic and adventurous Livermore tasting room fans. Luckily, he shares it for export too.

CoffeeHouse Wines – Wines Infused with Coffee

CoffeeHouse Wines from Pat Paulsen Vineyards - Logo - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Savoring a glass of Monty’s CoffeeHouse Wines is enjoyable.

Or … you can drizzle a bit over a bowl of ice cream to make a heavenly dessert. This specialty wine is a versatile winner, especially on International Coffee Day. Yum!

CoffeeHouse Wine Menu Board –

Just like going to your favorite coffee house, you can select a CoffeeHouse Wine that appeals to your personal flavor profile. If you like strong coffee flavor, try the Espresso wine. If you like a bit of chocolate with your coffee try the MochaVino. The CarameloVino is very sweet and smooth. Our Kooshali Suresh Kumar tried the Vanilla Chai and loved it. She thought it had an interesting balanced flavor. Check the chart below to see which would appeal more to your personal flavor profile.

CoffeeHouse Wine Flavors from Pat Paulsen Vineyards - Logo - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Straight from the Pat Paulsen Vineyard’s Website –

Monty’s winery website explains a bit more about how he creates his CoffeeHouse Wine line; of course, his exact process is a trade secret.

Delicious wines made with an infusion of real coffee and other natural flavors.

Real coffee beans are soaked (cold-pressed) in a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel blend. This intense extraction is strained and filtered, and then all the other flavors you love are added, just like they do in your favorite Coffeehouse. The wines have different amounts of coffee flavor, different sweetness levels, and fun additions like cream, chocolate or caramel, depending on your preference. Or try the Caffé Deluxe for a Coffee-Port experience. 

Introducing Vanilla Chai. Spicy with a touch of sweetness, for our friends who are looking for something different from the normal coffee flavor.

And to add a flare of the exotic, we now have Sangria. Semi-sweet and full of citrus, strawberry and exotic fruit flavors.

Also exciting is they make their CoffeeHouse collection in seasonal varieties like Chocolate Mint for Saint Patrick’s Day, too. Understandably, our CKJY Exports team is excited we get to represent such a unique and enjoyable wine abroad.

Monty & Gigi from Pat Paulsen Vineyards - Logo - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Awesome Partners & Team = Monty & Gigi

Monty and Gigi make an awesome team in life and in the wine business.  Being a part of their Pat Paulsen Vineyards wine club is being a part of a fun party! All year long they plan fun events for their wine fans to enjoy as they pick up their latest wine club box. They are always sharing fun events like comedy shows, fun roaring 20’s prohibition parties, community cause gatherings that they support and much more.

Monty employs his winemaking creativity for good! Often he creates signature wines for community causes with fun names and labels for special events. Adding his special winemaking touch to a worthy event makes it a bit more memorable for everyone. He and Gigi are active “go- givers” in their community. If you are ever in Livermore, CA, stop by their eclectic fun tasting room, meet them and join the fun.

Pat Paulsen Vineyards - Logo - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Of course, Pat Paulsen Vineyards makes many more wines beyond their CoffeeHouse Wines line. Their Sonoma County Chardonnay is a definite crowd pleaser. Also, their American Gothic red and white get a lot of attention. Enjoy a glass of Monty’s Rancho Las Juntas Late Harvest Zinfandel while you are there. Or … ask Gigi for recommendations!

Not in the Pat Paulsen Vineyard Tasting Room? No problem! If you are tasting Monty’s wines with our Claire Logsdon abroad, she is happy to answer your questions as well.

If you are neither of those places and want to learn more about these creative wines, contact us! We are happy to help you pour a glass of Monty’s wine wherever you are.

Interested in importing Pat Paulsen’s CoffeeHouse Wines? Let’s chat! Contact us …

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