“How to” Taste Craft Beer

Now  …  you may be thinking, “How to taste craft beer? You drink it… duh!” Yes, it is very simple to taste and enjoy any beer. Have you ever paused to truly sense the flavors and style of your beer?

Simple Steps of How to Taste Craft Beer –

Here are proven steps on how to taste craft beer like a pro! These are the steps our CKJY Exports teams when evaluating new and different beers to export. 

  1. The Pour – First things first, the pour. You must properly pour a beer in order to enjoy all the finesse of the aroma and flavor notes as they were meant to be enjoyed.
  2. The Look – Take a good long look at your beer. Craft beer is beautiful, huh? The appearance of a craft beer can tell you a lot about how it was made and the tastes you can expect.
  3. Move it Around – That’s right! Swirling is not just for wines. Wake up your craft beer to engage all those beautiful aromas and flavor notes.
  4. Smell Your Beer – Oh the aromas! It’s amazing how many different sensations craft beer can evoke. So, take your time to smell your beer.
  5. Taste Your Beer – Finally, right? You expected this to be sooner. Don’t worry. The anticipation makes the craft beer taste all the better. Take your first sip, experience the different flavors as they unfold on your tongue.
  6. Mouthfeel – Gently swish the craft beer around your mouth. How does it feel? Thin and dry or thick and creamy?
  7. Aftertaste – Give the full flavor time to evolve after you’ve swallowed your first sip, what do you taste? Has the sensation and taste changed?

Since our CKJY Exports team are craft beer sharing enthusiasts, these seven tips are sourced from the expert beer makers at Berghoff Beer. (Want to investigate their tips further? Sip their Berghoff Beer Blog article on tasting craft beer.) However, our CKJY Exports team is happy to assist with exporting terrific American craft beer to you!

Bonus Craft Brewer’s Tasting Tip – 

Sharing a bonus tasting insight from our friend Brad Gaines, brewer for Full Circle Brewing –

“Avoid the biggest thing people forget when trying new and different craft beers…. Keep an open mind!   Too often we see people compare x to y, or even x to x. In the craft beer industry it’s all about putting your own individual spin on things. What a boring world we’d live in if all artists painted the same, beer is no different.”

More to Consider When Tasting Craft Beer …

Now, that you know how to properly taste, here are good key terms to describe WHAT you taste. Alcohol, beer in particular can have a lot of jargon that may sound strange. So, here is a breakdown for you:

  • Bouquet – Can be substituted for aroma or the smell of the beer
  • Big – Does not mean the size of the beer you ordered, but the alcohol content of the beer. The bigger the beer, the higher the alcohol content
  • Sessionable – Means just the opposite of “big beer”, sessionable beers are ones with lower alcohol content. Which means that you can enjoy many more of these in a day. They often have more complex programs
  • Funky – Most commonly used to describe Belgian beers. This is a hard sense to describe, but once you try a “funky beer” you’ll know it as soon as you taste it. A delightful change of base
  • Skunked – means the beer is bad. The damage that most likely caused the beer to go bad is sunlight or improper storage.
  • Imperial – An official term used to describe the beer by a brewer, it is most common in darker or heavier beers like Stouts or IPAs
  • Bugs – Sounds suspicious right? Not exactly. Special microbes are used to make sour beers, making them have their unique sour sensation.

** http://www.tourbostonbreweries.com/2017/08/29/taste-craft-beer-like-pro/

CKJY Exports Own “Agent Hops” Shares Sip-Able Video Tasting Tips –

Watch CKJY Exports’ own “How to Taste Craft Beer” with Agent Hops short videos for a cute way to learn about craft beer. The information he shares is based on Jeff Alworth’s,  The Beer Bible.

Introduction Video

“How to Taste Craft Beer” with Agent Hops – Appearance (1 of 4)

“How to Taste Craft Beer” with Agent Hops – Aroma (2 of 4)

“How to Taste Craft Beer” with Agent Hops – “Head”/ Bubbles ( 3 of 4)

“How to Taste Craft Beer” with Agent Hops – 3 Parts of a Sip (4 of 4)

For More Helpful Craft Beer Videos –

For a more in depth look on how to properly how to taste craft beer, check out this great video on how to taste craft beer like a professional judge! Check out The Craft Beer Channel  & their video Beer School: How to taste beer like a beer judge

Share with CKJY Exports your craft beer adventures #ckjyexports. Cheers!

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