Diversify Your Alcohol Product Offerings With New Spirits, Beers, Wine & Ciders from CKJY Exports

Our mission is to provide you with the best selection of American wine, craft beer, cider and distilled spirits to meet our import partners alcohol selection needs. Since last November, we have added new product categories and many new product offerings!
As always, let us know what alcohol products you and your clients are looking for … our team is happy to source it for you.

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What is CKJY Exports?

You may be wondering.. what does “CKJY” stand for? –  Cases and Kegs Just for You. Our name is the heart of our company’s mission supplying importers, like you, with wonderful American wine, craft beer, cider and distilled spirits to meet your customers interests.

CKJY Exports Inc. is a company that takes pride in matching and sourcing our overseas trading partners with dynamic American alcohol products to grow their offerings and profits. Our CKJY Exports Inc. team is here to help you source all your alcohol beverage line needs. Our team understands how costly and time consuming it is to constantly seek new beverage products and trends to appeal to your customers needs.

Your customers are constantly looking for something new to add a bit  of spice to their everyday life and celebrations. Let us help you expand your alcohol offerings!

What Type of Companies Do We Represent Abroad?

CKJY Exports prides itself in sharing the best in all price tiers abroad. We work with true craftsmen and women who win awards for their wines, craft beers, ciders and distilled spirits. Most are family run wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries who concentrate their effort on their craft. That is where CKJY Exports comes in to help share their beautiful and tasty creations abroad.

Are you seeking exclusivity in your market? We can do that!

Are you seeking custom label products? We can do that!

Are you seeking special flavors or known varietals? We can do either!

What are you seeking to add to your beverage line? Use the form to contact us and if we do not have it, we will work to find it.

A Sampling of CKJY Exports Represented Wine -


We offer 100+ different wines ready for export from all across the famous wine regions of California, Oregon & Washington.

No matter your customers’ wine preferences, we have wines to build your business. Please inquire about the varietals, price points, etc. of the wines you seek for your business. Recently we extended our Entry Level Wine tier, contact us today to find out what brands appeal to you!


Sampling of Backwoods Brewing Craft Beer - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Craft Beer

The craft beer craze has become a trend with staying power, hasn’t it? Did you know that the craft beer trend started on the West Coast of the United States? It has spread across the globe and is here to stay. Craft beer loving customers crave new flavors and styles.

Let us help you find terrific craft beers to keep your offerings listing fresh and interesting for your customers!

Sampling of Ace Cider - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog


Be the first to be a part of the cider revival in Korea! This age old drink is growing wildly in popularity. Ciders are a great drink for all seasons!

We represent a wide variety of flavors and styles of ciders that are sure to catch your customers eye and keep them coming back for more.

Eastside Vodka - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

* NEW – Distilled Spirits

Proudly announcing our newest addition to our CKJY Exports Catalog of offerings – distilled spirits!

We are happy to now offer you some of America’s best award winning vodka and whiskeys. You will want to taste these!

Schedule a meeting in Seoul Nov 8th or Nov 9th for an exclusive sneak peak tasting.

Your Design Here - Custom Label Wine, Craft Beer, Cider & Spirits with CKJY Exports

Custom Label Products = Your Product Vision Good Enough to Taste!

Our UNIQUE SERVICE offers you the ability to collaboratively create and source YOUR custom Label Product for your business.

Exclusively yours! An American wine, beer or cider with a label and taste only found in your business.


Work with CKJY to build the perfect product line to appeal to your customers.  Reach out to us by completing this email form to begin an importing conversation.

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