#GivingTuesday Our Wineries, Breweries, Cideries & Distilleries Are Small Businesses with BIG Hearts

#ShopSmall, #Black Friday, #CyberMonday & #GivingTuesday? Seems this season has lots of “named” days, doesn’t it? The Saturday after Thanksgiving is known as #SmallBusiness Saturday here in America. It follows the unofficial holiday #BlackFriday. As most of us know, that is mayhem in the name of savings. The biggest sales may happen in the big chain retail stores around our country. However, the #ShopSmall movement helps Americans refocus their attention to smaller businesses that are owned and run by our friends and neighbors.

#GivingTuesday calls our attention to the need to share our blessings with others who are facing challenges. CKJY Exports proudly represents wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries or rather … small businesses that are run by families. Not only do these families pour their waking hours and efforts into their products, you can easily taste their hearts as well. These terrific teams believe in charitable giving back the whole year through.

Using Their Time & Talents for Good

Many of our CKJY Exports Product Portfolio Teams use their resources to help others by supporting charitable causes. They lend their names, time, labels or products for use to help others who are facing huge challenges. Our CKJY Exports team wanted to highlight these small businesses with HUGE hearts for #giving. Some participate in annual events and some of these are almost spontaneous responses to current events. In either event, these are talented people giving with open hearts.

Bill & Roxane Wolf of Eagle Eye Winery - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

In fact, one of our winemaking couples has fought to continue to share their wines for charitable giving causes. Bill and Roxanne Wolf  alongside two other Napa wineries were challenged following their participation in a local wine festival back in 2006. So strongly did they believe in giving back and participating in their community’s charitable events that they went to a hearing. The Wolfs advocated for small wineries to have the same ability to give back as the larger ones. They truly believe in giving back, right? Learn more about their efforts in this Napa Valley Register article – Three Napa Vintners Test Law Prohibiting Nonprofit Donations by Small Wineries.  (By the way you may also want to check out their Wolf’s Eagle Eye Winery page with their beautiful 90 point plus wines -Click here Eagle Eye Winery. )

Wildfire Victim Charitable Giving Efforts

Whether our winery teams are located in California, Oregon or Washington state, they have all been threatened if not harmed by wildfires in recent years. The tragic wildfire events in Paradise and Malibu areas hits close to home for them. When and where they can, they help those who have suffered.

Chaos Theory by Brown Estate - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Brown Estate Chaos Theory 2014 &  2015

Recently, the Brown Estate winery team survived the 2017 Napa wildfires with the flames close to their winery. So, the Brown family team immediately organized a charitable wine sale in conjunction with Black Friday to help their neighbors who are suffering from this year’s tragic wildfires. On Nov. 23rd, the Brown Family tweeted this NorCal wildfire relief special for #BlackFriday –

“Our Black Friday offerings are open to the public now through midnight Monday @ . Included: Chaos Theory 2014 & 2015 vintages @ $30 with 100% of profits from both wines going to Nor Cal wildfire relief. 🙌🏾

It is very fitting that they chose their Chaos Theory for this cause. This delicious wine blend’s origins are from a charitable wine auction. You can read on their website “Chaos Theory began as a one-off blend of cabernet sauvignon and zinfandel that David created for our first participation in the annual Premiere Napa Valley trade auction.”  What a rich heritage of giving back their family and winery have!

Sharing Their Wine to Benefit Others

Particularly poignant to our CKJY Exports team is the Patland family’s charitable efforts. The Patland family has participated in many charitable events through the years. They actively have sought to give back to others. However, touchingly after their winery was lost in the 2017 Napa family they are still doing it.

Watch this video as they share a bottle what remains of their Patland Estate Vineyards wine to benefit others in this Sept. 2018 video.

As an avid car enthusiast and collector, our founder Henry Patland has been a longtime member of the Ferrari Owner’s Group (FOG). Every year the organization puts on a rally which involves a gala and auction. All the money that is raised at these events goes directly to benefiting Make-A-Wish Foundation. This year, Henry and Olga donated a Jeroboam of 2013 “Select Barrel Reserve” Cabernet Sauvignon that was inscribed by their son Michael. The inscription tells the story of the family’s experience during the 2017 North Bay Fires. It also so happens that this bottle is one of the few that survived that fire, nestled away safely in the back of the cave at the Patland estate. Here is a brief look at Henry Patland speaking about this unique bottle at the event.”

Creating an Artful Charitable Foundation for Sharing Lovely Things

Van Duzer Zephyra - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Philanthropy is a part of who Marilynn and Carl Thoma are. In 1986, they created a foundation to benefit the charitable causes. They support this foundation with proceeds from their lovely wines created at their Van Duzer Vineyards in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The Humane Society and many others groups benefit from their foundations through annual local events.

Exhibition spaces in Santa Fe and Chicago shares art works with many they will never know. The Thomas’ hearts are warmed by giving to the arts in numerous ways. Therefore, in 2014 they created another foundation to benefit the arts. Learn more on their winery’s philanthropy page – Van Duzer Vineyards Philanthropy.

Our CKJY ExPORTS Craft Brewers Have Giving Hearts

Backwoods Brewing Company Beer Pub - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Backwoods Brewing Company  has lent their tasty talents to local charity events too. The Waters family has supported “Give More 24!” in the past. Originally, this event was designed to be a fun charitable beer crawl that benefitted local charities. However, it took on a life of it’s own and became a charitable Beer Movie Festival Event. Fun!


Ace Cider Pineapple - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Last April, Whole Foods Market organized a Cider Summit and many California cideries participated. Ace Cider was one who shared their cider to benefit both research for myeloma and cancer and the Humane Society.  This event was so successful they have already set a date for 2019. Interested in participating on April 13th? Stay tuned to the Cider Summit website to know when tickets will be available.

Learn more about Ace Ciders – Ace Cider – High! Naturally, a Bottle of This Cider is Winning in Your Hand …

South City Ciderworks Has a Heart for San Francisco Charities

The Martells at South City Ciderworks have such a heart for participating in events that benefit local charities that they have a form on their website to seek their participation in a charitable giving event. (Click here to see it.)

South City Cider - CKJY Exports Inc. Wine & Spirits Blog

In their own words, “South City Ciderworks is committed to serving a wide-range of non-profit organizations in support of the many worthwhile charitable causes within the SF Bay Area and beyond. We’re focused primarily on organizations that give back to the community, support animals, or have a primary focus on saving our environment. Our team is dedicated to assisting with in-kind donations for non-profit organizations focused on these needs. We also love participating in festivals and pouring events around the area!” However, they do receive MANY requests. Therefore, they have set out some timelines and guidelines for their participation.

Learn more about South City Ciderworks – What a Trip Souvenir! The Story of Delicious South City Ciderworks

Distilling Their Efforts Down to the Giving Heart of the Matter

One of our newest CKJY Exports Product Portfolio members is Eastside Distilling. Their charitable efforts are focused on our fallen military members’ families through the Folds of Honor organization.

“Our reputation for quality and innovation precedes us.  So much so, that we were able to garner the attention of John Rich, half of the country duo Big and Rich, to develop a specialty whiskey for his Redneck Riviera brand.  Redneck Riviera Whiskey won a gold medal for flavor at the Los Angeles International Spirit Awards has been sold into 32 states in 2018. We are honored to be a part of this project that gives a percentage of sales proceeds to Folds of Honor, a charitable foundation that awards scholarships to spouses and children of fallen veterans.”

Redneck Riviera Eastside Distilling - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Pat Roth, their Oregon Sales Manager, proudly shares that their efforts have aided the children of our fallen soldiers to go to college with scholarships they have contributed to through these efforts.  John Rich, of the country band Big & Rich fame, worked to create this smooth whiskey and believes whole heartedly in supporting our military families. In fact, his grandmother had to approve the whiskey recipe that was chosen. Yes, good tasting whiskey that works for the good of others. Noble task, right? Our CKJY Exports team thinks so.

#Giving All Year – Every Year

These are but a sip of our vintners, brewmasters, cidermakers and distillers’ charitable giving efforts. Most all of our big hearted producers participate and give to events in their local communities throughout the year. For them giving isn’t just the Tuesday after Thanksgiving but rather a way of life.

Understandably, our CKJY Exports team is proud to call them friends and work with them all. Good people doing good things makes us proud.


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