Yay! Women tend to have terrific taste and tons of tenacity, right? We think so! Women make wonderful business partners. Our CKJY Exports team is a creative, determined and energetic group of ladies! Those qualities have been the cornerstones to creating CKJY Exports Inc.  Now, these qualities have helped us achieve Women Run Business certification.

Earlier this year after speaking with Elaine Buxton, CEO of Confero, Inc. and a successful family member,  our team decided to investigate how this certification may serve our business enterprise. Our Operations Officer Ruth Logsdon began the process of working to achieve this certification with Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)  While the certification process is not difficult, if you meet the requirements, many steps are involved. Including, being registered with several different governmental agencies. 

“WBENC’s world-class certification is accepted by more than 1,000 corporations representing America’s most prestigious brands, in addition to many states, cities and other entities. WBENC is also an approved Third Party Certifier for the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Federal Contracting Program.”

As a part of CKJY Exports Inc. being certified as a Women Run Business, we have also registered with the System for Award Management or SAM.gov.   This registration will help us share our wine, craft beer, hard cider and distilled spirits with government entities such as American embassies abroad and military bases. Any governmental agency who purchases supplies through the SAM.gov system has a percentage mandate to work with different classification types of businesses.  Each year, these agencies must show that they are working within the proper percentages of these traditionally underrepresented business types. 

Women Owned Small Business - WIne & Spirits Blog

While CKJY Exports is still working to be qualified throughout all of these institutional buyer listings, we are making progress toward this goal. We feel that many of our American embassies, military bases and other governmental offices around the world would benefit by having our CKJY Exports Product Portfolio of Offerings available to them. 

To Qualify as a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), your business must:

  • Meet small business size standard for your business’s primary NAICS code and contract
  • Be at least 51% owned by women who are U.S. citizens
  • Be managed day-to-day by women
  • Have long-term decisions made by women
  • Have a woman holding the highest officer position in the company
  • This woman must work at the business full-time during normal working hours
  • (Although, there’s no minimum amount of time the business must be operational)

Why would you want to work with a Certified Woman Run Business?

Great question! WBENC has also certified Miller Tanner Associates as a Women Run Enterprise. They run flawless meetings for other companies around the world. Their attention to detail makes them real pros, who make your company look better with effective meetings. On their website they have shared an article 5 Advantages of Partnering with a Certified Woman Run Business

One of these five advantages as they have shared is that it can provide many procurement channels for goods and services therefore diversifying your suppliers. “When partnering with a WBENC-certified business, you gain access to multiple channels for goods and services which allows you to analyze various factors and choose what options are the best fit for your company’s needs. Increasing your partnerships with WBENC-certified businesses gives you the added benefit of building relationships with suppliers’ alliances.”

Meet our CKJY Exports Leadership Team –

Claire Logsdon, CEO CKJY Exports Inc.
Claire Logsdon, our Sales Leader and CEO.

Kooshali Suresh Kumar, International Marketing Officer CKJY Exports Inc.
Kooshali Suresh Kumar leads our Indian market efforts and our Indian media.
Ruth Logsdon, Operations Officer CKJY Exports Inc.
Ruth Logsdon runs the “business of our business” and keeps our blog/ social media along with our office running smoothly.
Todd Wetzel - Winery Relations Manager CKJY Exports Inc.
Todd Wetzel is our Napa based Supplier Relations Manager. While not a woman, his first hand alcohol business expertise has been an excellent addition to our team.

Truly, it isn’t just our business that benefits from a woman’s leadership! Many of our CKJY Exports wineries are run in part or whole by women. For example, McKahn Family Cellars, CEO is Denise McKahn.  She is a wealth of helpful information. Denise’s experience and insights are valued by our team. 

While this certification is just one step in establishing many opportunities for our CKJY Exports Inc. Product Portfolio Partners, it is an important one. Our team will continue to press forward and to maximize all the advantages this Women Run Business Certification will afford us. 

Women Owned Small Business - Wine & Spirits Blog

Learn more about how CKJY Exports’ services can help you diversify your alcohol imports – 

Diversify Your Alcohol Product Offerings with New Spirits, Beers, Wine & Ciders

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