Eponymous = the Epitome of Cabernet Franc

Had you at the Cabernet but … lost you at the Franc,huh? 

Wine is all about roots, literally. Where do the varietals that we love so much come from? Believe it or not, some of your favorite wines stem from Cabernet Franc. 

Exploring  the Cabernet Franc Varietal 

You’re probably wondering… if it is some prominent, have I tried it before? Yes you have. Cabernet Franc is often used in red blends or in small amounts to properly accent a single varietal wine. Cabernet Franc is the wine of the people, approachable and agreeable. 

Now, where did Cabernet Franc come from and why are you just hearing about it? Cab. Franc originated in the Basque region of France – the southwest region of France along the Pyrenees Mountains, just north of Spain. 

This wine is lovely and boasts classic tasting notes but is not quite a main stream wine. Why is that? 

Perhaps this is because it is not quite as widely produced as other wines. The climates that make the most Cabernet Franc aside from France are.. Italy, United States, Chile and Hungary. All of these have their own unique styles as Cabernet Franc is a sensitive vine that acutely changes based upon the climate. 

Or is it because two of Cabernet Franc’s descendants have become so famous, it has been eclipsed? Aptly nick-named Big Papa, Cabernet Franc is the father of a few wines, two of which are Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. 

This terrific Cabernet Franc wine varietal family lineage chart comes from Wine Folly and Madeline Puckett. Click the chart to visit their site and learn more. (https://winefolly.com/cabernet-franc/)

Cabernet Franc is the father of some of the greatest wines of all time. It takes something special to have created 2 major, timeless successes. Aside from it’s off spring, Cabernet Franc it has plenty to be proud of and appreciated for. 

Exploring Cab Franc’s Qualities

Tannins – Love the bold, full mouth tannins of Cabernet Sauvignon? Who better to drink than the father of the Cab. Sauv.? Cab Franc delights the senses with bold tannins while being restrained enough to not over power. 

Flavor – Strawberry, Roasted Pepper, Red Plum, Crushed Gravel, Chili Pepper & Raspberry. All the jammy flavors you love in a red wine with a small kick of pepper to spice it up! Each region that the Cabernet Franc is grown different flavors are more pronounced. A great wine for exploring places from across the world! 

Age – Cabernet Franc can go the distance. You can age well done Cabernet Francs for years, save the fun for later! 

Affordability – Last.. but definitely not the least! Not everyone’s wallet can afford to shell out for a $200.00 + Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa or France. BUT you can get much of the same experience with a Cabernet Franc from premiere wineries for a 1/3 of the price! Now who doesn’t like a new wine to explore different sides of great wineries? 

Robert Pepi relaxing with his dogs. 

Getting to Know Robert Pepi’s Eponymous 

On that note.. why don’t we discuss a great Cabernet Franc for you to explore? One of the wineries CKJY Export represents is Eponymous Winery. 

If you’re looking to explore Cabernet Franc from world class talent, look no further than Eponymous’s Cabernet Franc from their McAllister Vineyard in Napa. 

Meet the wine maker: Rober Pepi 

Robert Pepi, a winemaker famous for his innovation and pioneering in the quality of production of Sauvignon Blanc and Sangiovese in Napa Valley. The Pepi family’s history is steeped in wine, as Robert Pepi’s father bought a ranch and vineyard south of Oakville in 1966. 

Hear from Robert Pepi himself in this YouTube video discussion.

Thanks to Mr. Pepi’s vast experience in wine, he continues to push the boundaries with his Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Syrah. So well-known for his winemaking skills and depth of knowledge, Mr. Pepi flies across the world consulting with wineries to help them optimize their wines. Not too long ago, Mr. Pepi partnered with the Intern Continental Hotel Group to design a special wine for by the glass sales. 

The story behind the Eponymous name goes back to Robert Pepi Jr.’s roots. His family sold the Robert Pepi Winery and Namesake to Kendall Jackson back in 1994. To honor his family heritage in wine, he wanted to name the new winery after his family but could not. So Mr. Pepi embraced it, by naming the winery Eponymous. 

You are probably wondering.. what does Eponymous mean? It is the act of giving your name to something – like a winery. Mr. Pepi found a unique way to give a special head nod to his family. 

Now.. back to the wine

Eponymous’s Cabernet Franc exudes complex and intense aromas from the first moment you open the bottle. The lovely aromas boast notes of blueberries, spice, violets and orange blossom – a pleasant sensation to imagine right? 

Eponymous Cabernet Franc 2009 Bottle - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Eponymous Cabernet Franc MacAllister Vineyard 2009

One of the key character notes of a Pepi wine is balance. This wine has a very nicely balanced mouthfeel, from start to finish, medium body with a tannin structure.  

This particular wine comes from 1 single vineyard, the MacAllister Vineyard on the Mayacamas Range of the Sonoma side of Mt. Veeder. This sloping vineyard boasts multiple sun exposures, great drainage and low fertility soils. All elements that lead to wonderful wines! 

Thirsty for more information on Eponymous’ Cabernet Franc? Click here to see the Trade Sheet on it.

Share your Cabernet Franc thoughts and experiences. Our team loves to hear about your personal journey through wine. 


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Interested in Importing Eponymous’ Cabernet Franc, Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon wine? Please contact CKJY Exports with this form. Looking forward to exploring the possibilities with you.

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