DIY – Self Serve Mimosa Party Bar!

Cold dreary winter weather have you down?

Are you looking for a way to mix up some fun for your winter gatherings?

With Lunar New Year, the Super Bowl and a bunch of other events around the corner you are probably wondering how to impress your guests. 

Taste a Bit of Sunshine with a Make It Yourself Mimosa Party Drink –

Look no further, elevate your party style and mix it up with a cider mimosa bar! You don’t have to wait for spring or summer to get your mimosa groove on… embrace the cider side of life. 

Serve up your favorite ciders with a selection of fresh juices, glass flutes and cinnamon sugar for the rims of the glasses. The guest simply walks up, grabs a glass dips it in the saucer of juice then the plate of cinnamon/sugar, pours their favorite cider and then tops it off with a little fresh juice and just like that they have become a mixologist.dd’s Super Bowl Party Recipe idea –

Fresh fruit slices for garnish are a nice touch!
Fresh fruit slices for garnish are a nice touch!

Ingredients for a Mimosa Party Bar : 

Select a table off to the side to be your bar.

  • Chill a selection of your favorite ciders. (We recommend a minimum of 2 types, like an Apple and Pear cider)
  • 2-3 different types of fruit juice chilled in pitchers or containers
  • a few saucers filled with various juices to dip glass tops into
  • cinnamon sugar mixed on a plate – again for glass tops
  • a few long spoons for stirring
  • fruit garnish slices – optional
  • ice in a chest to keep juices and ciders chilled during your party
  • flute style glasses to serve

Encourage your guests to visit your DIY Mimosa bar and create their own mimosas.

How to Create a DIY Mimosa?

Walk up to the bar and select a glass.

Dip the glass rim in a saucer of juice and then press it into a dish of cinnamon sugar.

Pour the glass 2/3 full of their favorite cider or perry

Next, top the glass with 1/3 of a fruit juice and stir.

Garnish with fruit slices if desired and enjoy!

(Yes, it is that simple.)

Next Step? … Have Fun!

A great time that everyone will remember the unique & delicious take on a Mimosa bar! 

Send us pictures of how you designed your cider bar. 


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