Sharing the 2019 San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition Winners CKJY Exports Proudly Represents …

Each January, the San Francisco Chronicle hosts an international wine competition. Wines from around the globe compete with some of the world’s top judges deciding the winners. As you can imagine, the competition in every category is both tasty and fierce.

Click here for a complete listing of the winners by winery

Our CKJY Exports team is proud to share the list of our winemakers and winery teams who have won medals this year. Yes, it is our honor to be export partners for these winning wines.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you would like to inquire about importing some of these wines for your customers.

2019 SFCIWC CKJY Exports Award Winning Portfolio Partners –

Our California Award Winners –

Cardella Winery - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Cardella WineryCADry Rose/Blush – RS 02017Central ValleyRose of Sangiovese$18.00Best of Class
Cardella WineryCAPetite Sirah – $0.00 – $24.992016Central ValleyPetite Sirah$20.00Gold
Cardella WineryCAPinot Gris/Grigio – $15.00 – $19.992017Central ValleyPinot Grigio$17.00Silver
Cardella WineryCASangiovese – $30.00 and above2014Central ValleyReserveSangiovese$32.00Silver
Cardella WineryCABarbera – $30.00 and above2014Central ValleyReserveBarbera$32.00Silver
Engelmann Cellars - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Engelmann CellarsCADry Rose/Blush – RS >.25-.99NVCentral ValleyRose$18.00Bronze
Engelmann CellarsCAWhite Blends – Up to $19.99NVCaliforniaSummer Quartet$18.00Silver
eponymous winery logo - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
EponymousCACab Franc- $40.00 and above2012Moon Mountain DistrictCabernet Franc$44.99Bronze
EponymousCAWhite Blends – $20.00 to $29.992016CarnerosProprietary White$27.99Gold
EponymousCACab Sauv – $59.00 – $62.992015Napa ValleyCabernet Sauvignon$59.99Silver
mckahn family cellars - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
McKahn Family CellarsCAPetite Sirah – $39 and above2016Livermore ValleyPetite Sirah$42.00Double Gold
McKahn Family CellarsCAViognier – $25.00 and above2017Russian RiverViognier$32.00Silver
McKahn Family CellarsCADry Rose/Blush – RS 02017Shenandoah ValleyRose of Grenache$26.00Silver
McKahn Family CellarsCASyrah/Shiraz – $41.00 and above2016Spring Mountain DistrictSyrah$49.00Silver
McKahn Family CellarsCAGrenache – $30.00 and above2016Shenandoah ValleyGrenache$36.00Silver
McKahn Family CellarsCARed Blend: Grenache leading blend2016Amador CountyMorning Glass$36.00Silver
Merlo Family Estate Vineyards - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Merlo Family Estate VineyardsCASyrah/Shiraz – $25.00 – $28.992016Trinity CountySyrah$25.00Double Gold
Merlo Family Estate VineyardsCAZinfandel – $23.00 – $25.992016Trinity CountyZinfandel$25.00Gold
Merlo Family Estate VineyardsCAChardonnay – $20.00 – $23.992016Trinity CountyChardonnay$20.00Silver
Merlo Family Estate VineyardsCAPinot Noir – $24.00 – $27.992016Trinity CountyPinot Noir$25.00Silver
Oso Libre - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Oso LibreCAPrimitivo2014Adelaida DistrictNativoPrimitivo$39.20Bronze
Oso LibreCAMourvedre2014Adelaida DistrictBendicionMourvedre$56.00Bronze
Oso LibreCARed Blend: Cab Sauv leading blend – $35.00 -$44.99NVAdelaida DistrictPrimoroso Especial$39.00Bronze
Oso LibreCACab Sauv – $42.00 – $45.992014Adelaida DistrictQuixoticCabernet Sauvignon$44.80Gold
Oso LibreCARed Blend: Cab Sauv leading blend – $35.00 -$44.992013Adelaida DistrictQuerida$36.40Gold
Oso LibreCAChardonnay – $26.00 $28.992017Adelaida DistrictVino d’OroChardonnay$28.00Silver
Oso LibreCAZinfandel – $38.00 – $40.992015Adelaida DistrictOseznoZinfandel$39.20Silver
Oso LibreCARed Blend: Cab Sauv leading blend – $35.00 -$44.992012Adelaida DistrictReserva$42.00Silver
Oso LibreCARed Blend: Cab Sauv leading blend – $35.00 -$44.992014Adelaida DistrictReserva$43.00Silver
Thomas AllenCARed Blend: Petite Sirah leading blend2016LodiGenerations Red Wine$20.00Silver
Thomas Allen SelectionsCACab Sauv – $0.00 – $11.992016LodiCabernet Sauvignon$5.99Bronze
TWO ANGELS WINES - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
CASauvignon Blanc/Fume – $0.00 – $16.992017High ValleySauvignon Blanc$16.99Silver
CAPetite Sirah – $25.00 – $28.992016Red HillsPetite Sirah$26.99Silver
Wooden Valley Winery & Vineyards - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Wooden ValleyCASauvignon Blanc/Fume – $ 17.00 – $20.992018Suisun ValleySauvignon Blanc$17.00Gold
Wooden ValleyCAZinfandel – $23.00 – $25.992016North CoastZinfandel$25.00Gold
Wooden ValleyCAMerlot – $23.00 – $26.992017Suisun ValleyMerlot$23.00Silver
Wooden ValleyCAMalbec – $0.00 – $34.992017Suisun ValleyMalbec$25.00Silver

Our Oregon Winery Award Winners –

Cathedral Ridge Winery - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
ORSyrah/Shiraz – $41.00 and above2014Columbia ValleyReserveSyrah$48.00Bronze
ORRed Blend: Mourvedre leading blend2016Columbia ValleyThe Daughter’s Reserve$58.00Gold
ORLabel: Artistic2016Columbia ValleyThe Last Best WifePetit Verdot$48.00Gold
ORCab Franc- $40.00 and above2015Columbia ValleyMoody VineyardCabernet Franc$44.00Silver
Cathedral Ridge

ORRed Blend: Malbec leading blend2015Columbia ValleyWinemaker’s Reserve$58.00Silver
Iris Vineyards - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Iris VineyardsORChardonnay – $39.00 – $46.992015Willamette ValleyAreteChardonnay$40.00Bronze
Iris VineyardsORPinot Noir – $36.00 – $39.992016Willamette ValleyD BlockPinot Noir$38.00Bronze
Iris VineyardsORPinot Gris/Grigio – $15.00 – $19.992016Willamette ValleyPinot Gris$18.00Double Gold
Iris VineyardsORPinot Noir – $24.00 – $27.992015Willamette ValleyOregonPinot Noir$24.00Double Gold
Iris VineyardsORPinot Noir – $60.00 – $66.992015Willamette ValleyAretePinot Noir$60.00Silver
Iris VineyardsORSyrah/Shiraz – $25.00 – $28.992016Applegate ValleySteelhead RunSyrah$26.00Silver

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