Paso Robles Wines are Special

Wine in Paradise?

California is well known for wine. When you think of Californian wine you immediately think of Napa and Sonoma. However there is so much more to explore and love with California wine. Did you know that California has over 100 different American Viticulture Areas?

Wanting to visit a unique and exquisite wine region? Where can you find premier quality wine with a rich history? Look no further than Paso Robles.

A Unique California Wine Region …

In the words of the famous Karen MacNeil, Paso Robles is the warm exception to Coastal Wine regions with sun-baked, oak studded hills. Fun Fact, Paso Robles is actually “the pass of oaks” in Spanish. (Wine Bible, pg 732)

Every visit to Paso Robles is an adventure! There are 60+ grape varietals of wine grown and made in Paso Robles. With more than 40,000 acres of vineyards and 200 different wineries, there is always somewhere new to go. Very few other Viticultural Areas can boast such breadth and depth in to varietals and styles as Paso.

People are blown away by the daring and quality wines coming out of Paso Robles. For most of Paso’s history, the wineries have specialized in Rhone varietals until recently. Brace yourself for world class Bordeaux style wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec.

The AVAs of Paso Robles

How can Paso Robles do it all? It is one of the largest AVAs, however it was not until recently that the AVA was divided into districts. Why would an AVA need to be divided into districts? Glad you asked.

Being located on the Coastal Range, each side experiences different weather elements coupled with the varying altitudes with the rolling hill and the valley, each district produces a distinctly different wine.  

Great Paso Robles AVA map shared by the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance.

The greatest difference in character and style can be seen between the East & West sides of Paso Robles. Conveniently CA highway 101 serves as a great marker, dividing the area in half.

The Western side of Paso Experiences a lot of Coastal Weather, meaning cooler temperatures and sun exposure. The rolling hills provide many different altitudes. CKJY Exports’ wineries, Oso Libre, Barton Family & Grey Wolf wineries are located on the Western side of Paso Robles. All of these wineries are fine examples of the West Side of Paso Robles style.  

The Eastern side is known for its great sun exposure, creating bold and fruit forward sensations. With large rolling vineyards, great event centers and delicious wines. There is always something exciting going on! Great places to visit on the Eastern side are Tobin James and Broken Earth Winery.

Pioneer Spirit in a Bottle

No matter where you are in Paso Robles, you can tell they are  is a tight knit wine community, where their hearts and souls collectively go into making their wine. However, each of these producers boasts their own beautiful and independent spirit when it comes to making wine.  In fact, over 95% of the wineries are family owned and operated.

To learn more about the wonderful different viticultures of Paso Robles, check out this wonderful district break down.

Learn more at the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance website.

Want to Import Wine from Paso Robles?

CKJY Exports can help you import lovely wines from Paso Robles! Let’s talk. Please fill out this contact form to begin a conversation.

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