What is great about today’s world of wine is that there are new opportunities everywhere you look… from new challenging varietals, new wine regions and new wine drinkers. In February our team traveled to India to celebrate our very own Ms. Kooshali Suresh Kumar’s wedding. (yay!)

Kooshali & Vignesh arrive at their wedding reception. Feb. 2019 - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Jihoon & Dahyeon Kim, Claire & Clay Logsdon at Kooshali Suresh Kumar's Wedding CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog
Jihoon, Dahyeon, Claire & Clay attend Kooshali & Vignesh’s wedding. Feb. 2019

Our CKJY Exports Team in India

Our team has focused our energies on exporting to different markets across South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Japan. One of our long term goals has been to open up trade for quality American alcohol in India. This is has been spear headed by Kooshali, born and raised in Southern India who understands the market and the huge potential.

India in recent years has moved more and more to the center of the world stage. As India’s population is set to surpass China in 2030 and their economy booming….India is the place to be.

However, some may have pause when it comes to India for an alcohol market for good reason. There is a strong culture of non-alcohol based upon religious and personal health. Laws regarding alcohol are determined by the state you are in. Across India you will find drinking ages tend to be higher and the laws are stricter. Out of the 29 states in India, 4 are completely dry; Gujarat, Manipur, Mizoram and Nagaland.

Indian Tastes & Views are Changing

Never the less, the market is there. As India modernizes and experiences international influence, the desire for alcohol grows. Being a young market for alcohol, there is a lot of interest in trying new things and learning.

The demand and love of wine is growing in India so much so that there are domestic Indian wineries are popping up. These Indian wineries are putting their own personal touch on the wine they make.

What stuck out to me during our time traveling around India was how eager everyone was to learn more about wine.  There was big, sincere excitement! As we were checking out of the Hilton in Chennai, the very friendly staff was interested in our business. When they heard a wine bar was in the works, the women practically squealed that we are starting a local wine bar in the near future.

Naturally, I followed up with what are your favorite types of wine met with blank stares and interesting answers such as the red kind or I just like how wine makes you feel different. Immediately followed up with but I want to learn about wine. There are little to know resources available in India to learn.

Mehndi / henna tattoos in preparation for the wedding festivities – February 2019

Export Opportunities in India

The demand and love of wine is growing in India so much so that there are domestic Indian wineries are popping up. These Indian wineries are putting their own personal touch on the wine they make.

Magical celebration time! A few of my happy wedding festivity memories – relaxing by the pool, getting our Mehndi done and sipping on wine. It was wonderful getting to know everyone and discuss their wine preferences. I had so much fun learning about what wine and why each individual liked and answering questions. Sharing knowledge and what people like brings me joy. I look forward to years of growing relations in such a curious and excited market.

Coming from the West Coast, I’ve always known an established and strong wine culture… but I haven’t experienced the beginning of one. Seeing how India has started their own take on making and enjoying wine is such a moving experience.

Mocktail Surprise!

One thing that surprised me during my time in India observing and experiencing their alcohol market was the harmony between Mocktails & Cocktails. The inclusivity in experiencing great flavors and seasonal specials was awesome to see. It is a unique way for an industry and art form to grow in a new market.  

India has a culture which loves rich food, dancing and celebrating life… all perfect to pair with wine. Our CKJY Exports team is excited at the future we see ahead of pairing wine with Indian celebrations and life.

Cheers to the future of wine in new markets! We hope to toast to our futures together there.

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