Crafting Oregon’s Drinkable Gems – The Cathedral Ridge Winery Team

How would you create beautiful wines? Yes, we understand the care of your grapevines, best vintner practices and all that goes into building a winery. It is so much more than one person can accomplish, isn’t it? A task of this magnitude requires a talented and dedicated team. Robb Bell has built his terrifically dedicated team and together they have built a beautiful winery that crafts lovely wines!

90 … 91 … 92 … James Suckling Agrees They Have Delicious Wine Making Talent!

Awarded to Cathedral Ridge Winery’s – 2016 Dampier Pinot Noir

Dampier Pinot Noir

“This delivers a very fresh and vibrantly fruited style with a crunchy, red-fruit core and terrific, lithe, juicy fruit that really pops. Succulent and appealing.”

– World Renowned Wine Critic, James Suckling

Recently Awarded to Cathedral Ridge Winery’s – 2016 Dampier Pinot Noir Reserve

2016 Dampier Pinot Noir Reserve

“A fresh, red-fruit style that has attractive sous-bois character on the nose, leading to a bright and juicy palate that carries plenty of rich and gently grippy, fresh red cherries.”

– World Renowned Wine Critic, James Suckling´╗┐
Recently Awarded to Cathedral Ridge Winery’s –
2016 Chardonnay


“Some rather mealy aromas with cashews, praline and lemon peel, leading to a quite fluid palate with long, succulent fruit flavors. Nutty finish.”

– World Renowned Wine Critic, James Suckling´╗┐

However, Mr. Suckling’s latest awards are simply added to a long list of honors Cathedral Ridge Wines have been awarded. Robert Parker, the San Francisco International Wine Competition, NW Wine Summit, Wine Enthusiast and many more have awarded these wines many titles. “Best of Show,” “Best in Class,” Double Golds are but a few of the many accolades this terrific winery team has earned. (If you are interested in seeing a more complete listing of Cathedral Ridge Winery’s awards, please click here to visit that page of their website.)

The Heart of the Cathedral Ridge Winery Team

Bringing good things to life for a community and using the best efforts of their team to craft beautiful enjoyable wine is what the team at Cathedral Ridge Winery does. As far as your eye can see, it is as if Mother Nature has created her own cathedral when Columbia Gorge was created.

In fact, the climate this winery cultivates their grapes in has similarities to other well known wine regions. Sharing many of the same latitudes and growing conditions also yields high quality grapes to craft into wine. The well regarding Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhine regions have many similarities to the Cathedral Ridge Winery’s vineyards. (Please click here to visit that page and to learn more about the fascinating comparisons to Old World Wine regions.)

This lovely area is where Cathedral Ridge Winery is found. Their team brings the fruit of their 13 distinctly differentiated microclimate Oregon vineyards to their winery. Their carefully cultivated grapes are crafted to create twenty seven deliciously unique wines.

This family owned and run winery showcases the talents of a fourth-generation winemaker with traditional techniques and the best of modern methods blended to perfectly pair with your favorite friends and recipes.

Growing a Winery with Teamwork

Employing his marketing career experience, Robb Bell began to build his winery in 2003. Building a terrific team has been his primary business mission. Robb himself will tell you that the success of this winery is due to his very experienced and capable team. They have worked together to build Cathedral Ridge Winery and to earn their awards.

Long time family friend, Michael Sebastiani became the Master Winemaker for Cathedral Ridge Winery. Tyler McCafferty, Francisco Chairez and Rolando Trejo work together making the grapes from their varied thirteen vineyards into wine.

No Surprise … Their Winery’s Personality Shines Through Their Website Beautifully

It is quite obvious that this winery team truly enjoys what they do. In fact, one of the things they freely share on their website is recipes their team enjoys pairing with their wines. They include a couple pages of wine pairing recipe suggestions. Yum! (Click here to visit their recipe and wine pairing pages.)

Interested in throwing a party and enjoying some wine with your family and friends? The Cathedral Ridge team can help. They offer this fun taste testing party kit you can pair with many of their beautiful wines. Sandy Ison, Gina Van Hoose and Christina Rees are the dynamic team that works to share the wines they crafted with others.

Host your own Blind Tasting Wine Party at home!
As an added bonus, purchase 6 (or more) bottles with this kit and receive 10% off each bottle!

You may want to peruse their wine club offerings as this is one of them! Cool, right? If you are in the United States, we urge you to visit or to join their wine club. If you would be interested in importing some of this fabulous Cathedral Ridge Winery team’s wines, our CKJY Exports team would be happy to assist. Please reach out to us using this contact form –

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