Tell Us What You Want to Import … What You Really Want

Constantly seeking alcohol products to import into your market for your customers? That can be a challenging job.

What if you search our CKJY Exports website and think … these aren’t exactly the alcohol products you looking for? What then?

You didn’t see the exact product you or your client want.  You thought … CKJY Exports must not be able to source it for you. Wrong!

3 Different Ways CKJY Exports Can Help Find Your Product –

If CKJY Exports does not represent exactly what you are looking for, talk with our team. We are happy to source what you are in need of. There are 3 different ways we can meet your specific alcohol product needs. 

1. If the product is available for your market, CKJY Exports will work with the producer and export it directly to you. How do we do this? Our supplier relations manager has wide alcohol contacts. We can connect and build an exporting relationship to supply you with the exact product you are searching for to import.

Or …

What if the product is not available for export to your market? For example, it is already being distributed with a market exclusivity agreement in place.

2. CKJY Exports can offer a similar products that meet the same market fit as the wine, whiskey, craft beer, cider or other spirits. This is a great route to go as you already have seen a demonstrated market fit. Offering a new, competitive product is an ideal situation. 

Or …

3. OEM – Custom Brand. If none of our brands and products are “an exact match” for what you are creating … then what? Our CKJY Exports’ Custom Product team will work with you to bring your product to life. Create your own unique brand concept with our experience in crafting different alcohol products. 

So, let’s talk today and see what CKJY Exports can do for your product needs

Simply Said Ways We Can Help You Find What You Seek –

In other words …

1. We recruit the alcohol product you requested.

If that is not possible, 

2. We provide you with similar products that have same general product fit for your market.

3. Design a specific product that meets your exact needs.

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