Our Team’s Favorite Chardonnays

All of us have favorites, right? However, our favorites have a time and a place to shine. Our favorite big meeting at work outfit isn’t the one we choose to wear when we watch TV on a stay at home day, is it? So … knowing that there are different times to enjoy Chardonnay, we are sharing a list of our team’s favorites in honor this great classic enjoyable varietal.

It will come as no surprise that a team of West Coast alcohol exporters has a few suggestions of great white wines to pair with your summer days, will it? LOL!

White Wine Emoji Flora Springs Winery

Yes, all of these Chardonnays are available for export with CKJY Exports. It would be cruel to share wines that weren’t, wouldn’t it? Now … to name names …

Be sure to click the links embedded below to see visit the winery websites and to see the many awards our favorite Chards have won in various competitions.

Our Favorite Chards and Why …

Treat yourself and give our favorite’s a try!

Chardonnay from Oregon –

Claire Logsdon, our CEO, loves to have an easy drinking bottle on hand. Eola Hills Wine Cellars’ Chardonnay is just the right wine for her. This wine pairs easily with light summer food fair and is very refreshing. Claire says this is an easy sipping favorite of hers.

While Jihoon Kim is relatively new to wine tasting, he knows what he likes. Cathedral Ridge Winery‘s Chard is a white wine he enjoys. Drinking this with a meal of crab cakes makes a great summer evening.

Chardonnay from California –

Enjoying a glass of wine as a prelude to a summer meal is Kooshali’s preferred way of enjoying a wine. She likes to fully enjoy a glass of wine so that she can detect all the nuances and flavors. Flora Springs Winery creates some lovely complex wines that lend themselves to being enjoyed this way. On a summer day, Kooshali likes to unwind with a lovely glass of their Family Select Chardonnay.

Our staff’s quintessential connoisseur would have to be Todd Wetzel. Not only does he have a knowledgeable wine palate, but he is also our team’s Supplier Relations manager. His favorite is the StageCoach Vineyard Chardonnay that Krupp Brothers Winery beautifully crafts.

Sharing a bottle of this over a lovely meal of a lobster with his lovely wife makes Todd a very happy man on a summer evening.

Bursting with gardenia and white peach, the 2017 Chardonnay envelopes the senses with ripe apricot and caramel. This wine is beautifully balanced showing bright acidity with mouthwatering Granny Smith apples and tangy lemon zest throughout the rich, creamy palate. 

A favorite of Kevin Perkins is pairing a nice Chard with a lovely grilled fish meal. As his family celebrates all their summer birthdays, he particularly enjoys a lovely Patland Estate Vineyards Chardonnay.

Ruth, our Operations Officer, totally recommends Merlo Family Estate Vineyards‘ Chard. She appreciates the way winemaker, Ray Merlo, crafts his version of this classic white wine. It is refreshing.

Their website says “The wine displays a deep golden straw color and brilliant clarity. The aromatics of pear and apple mingle with a hint of baking spices while retaining a sense of freshness. On the palate the wine is full, but not overtly buttery or fat. If you look for it, the note of vanilla and toast from the oak are there, but they are discrete and well integrated to the wine serving a supporting rather than leading role.”

Everyday Team’s Favorite

Looking for an everyday favorite chard to enjoy? This Lodi Chardonnay contains refreshing tropical flavors pineapple with a smooth caramel and vanilla finish. Our CKJY Exports team recommends, the Thomas Allen Vineyard & Winery‘s Chardonnay.

Recipe Paring Bonus

As we were discussing our favorite Chards, we mentioned some delicious pairings to go with it. We thought it would be classy to give you some tasty recipes to pair with these wines as you try them.

AllRecipes had shared a terrific recipe collection to pair with Chardonnay. So, with one button you can get 11 different meal ideas. These will definitely “Up” your summer dinner party game!

Hope you have enjoyed learning our CKJY Exports team favorite Chardonnays.

Give them all a try and sip for yourself!

Thirsty to Import These Wines?

Contact us if you would like to discuss importing one of these lovely Chardonnays.

Thirsty for More?

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