“Eye candy” cocktails? Have you ever clicked through the internet and found cocktail recipes that your eyes enjoyed and you wanted to try? We have. In today’s blog, we are sharing some of the best vodka summer cocktail recipes we have found. These three websites share mixed drinks that are enjoyable to sip on visually and try at your own home bar. Cheers!

Our Favorite Vodka Cocktail Recipes from the Spruce Eats team:

When you are exploring on the internet and you find a great website it is exciting, isn’t it? For our team to get excited about a website it needs to be “the complete package.” We admire websites that have beautiful photos, great recipes and a well designed website. These are the reasons that the Spruce Eats is as the top of our sharing list. Their team does a fabulous job with their website. Peruse these recipes and click on their logo to drink in their top level website. Yes, we were impressed.

Madras –

High ball drink worth knowing! This cocktail created with cranberry juice, orange juice and vodka garnished with a lime wedge can make a hot summer day a delight. A classy classic for certain.

Sex on the Beach –

Classic fruity vodka mixed drink, right? Even the classics need to be crafted well to return the smile of drinks gone by to your face, don’t they? The Spruce Eats folks know how to make this cocktail and they share their recipe online. Just the picture is refreshingly familiar, isn’t it?

Hairy Navel –

What is a “Hairy Navel” cocktail made with? The Spruce Eats version of this delicious looking cocktail is a simple creation of vodka, peach schnapps and orange juice. Definitely a refreshing summer cocktail!

The Spruce Eats team shares 17 more recipes on this article “20 Essential and Popular Vodka Cocktails” and lots more on their webpage dedicated to cocktail recipes, Drinks & Cocktail webpage.

Our Favorite Vodka Cocktail Recipes from the Town & Country magazine team:

Since 1846, classic style and uncompromising taste are what this well regarded Hearst company magazine has shared with many readers.

For many years, Town & Country has been known as a magazine of class and distinction. It is not surprising that their team would share some tasty vodka cocktail recipes and pictures.

Recently their writer, Lauren Hubbard shared “24 Vodka Cocktails That Aren’t a Vodka Tonic – Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are easy ways to take your vodka drinks up a notch.” Here are three of her 24 easy sipping suggestions.

The Berry Sip –

Town & Country’s recipe for this tantalizing cocktail is concocted with four simple ingredients – vodka, raspberries, vanilla syrup and a splash of tonic. This cocktail is a refreshing splash for your tastebuds for certain.

Raspberry Cosmopolitan –

Cosmopolitans are a bit more involved in this recipe requires both vodka and Prosecco. Add a bit of honey syrup, lemon juice and a few raspberries to craft this lusciously fizzy summertime easy sipping drink.

Limoncello Mule –

Moscow Mules have become popular for lots of easy drinking reasons. For the summer, why not mix it up a bit with some limoncello? Ms. Hubbard’s recipe for her summery Limoncello Mule adds a bit of lemon lime soda and an ounce of limoncello. Great to try out by the pool, right?

Our Favorite Vodka Cocktail Recipes from Martha Stewart team:

While their recipes can be a bit more involved, Martha Stewart and her team know how to mixup deliciously tasty beverages, don’t they? While it is difficult to select just a few to share, here were some that were of interest to our exporting team.

Coconut Water Vodka Cocktail –

An interesting new twist on Coconut-water = a Martha Stewart Vodka Cocktail.

Coconut water is quite popular here in the United States. It only makes sense to make a summer cocktail out of this refreshing beverage, right? Who better than Martha Stewart and her team to create a delicious cocktail recipe with it?

Sparkling Pomegranate Fizz –

Sparkling Pomegranate Fizz please …

What a lovely drink! This would make a beautiful pitcher for any of your summertime gatherings. Mix up some of this pomegranate vodka cocktail for your next get together.

Mint Cucumber Vodka Cocktail –

Martha’s refreshingly different Mint, Cucumber Vodka Cocktail – Yum!

One thing that Martha Stewart and her team do very well is find unusual flavor pairings that truly work together to please our palates. Their mint cucumber cocktail definitely lives up to their reputation.

Watermelong Slushie –

Fun adult party time Watermelon Slushie!

One more bonus recipe … Watermelon Slushies for the adults. What a terrific way to end our recipe sharing!

Tasty Summertime Temptations, Right?

We thought our readers would agree that each of these recipes is a tempting way to add to your summer cocktail recipe rotation. Hopefully, you enjoyed sipping these lovely cocktails with your eyes. Please let us know if you try them at your home bar.

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