As you wander through Napa, California visiting wineries and tasting their wines sometimes their story, their ambiance and their wine speaks to you in a way others have not. This is a special feeling and a deep affinity grows from these types of experiences. Our Todd Wetzel has developed this deep affinity for Krupp Brothers Wines.

Todd Shares a Sip of Krupp Brothers with You …

Krupp Brothers is one of my most beloved wineries in Napa. Krupp Brothers produce expressive wines that stand out from the rest. Big luscious reds, rich and floral whites and delicate roses.

The biggest reason for this is the iconic property that they are well known for, Stagecoach vineyards. Dr. Jan bought this land as a part of his growing wine hobby back in 1991. His brother Bart helped him develop this property on Atlas Peak until they founded the winery in 1999.

Wines Full of Flavor & Personality –

Since then, they have developed some mystical wine stories and labels along with truly magical wines. From The M5 Cabernet Sauvignon to The Damsel Rose each wine has its own story behind it.

Though the Krupp’s recently sold the Stagecoach property to the Gallo family, they continue to source the best of these vineyards, as well as using the estate’s grapes.

Krupp Brothers Wine Box - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Two Ways to Personally Experience Krupp Brothers Wines Like Todd –

Their are two ways to personally experience the wines, ambiance and story of Dr. Jan and his brother, Bart –

First is to take a scenic drive up to 1900 feet to their vineyard to see where it all began on Stagecoach Vineyard. Make sure you have an appointment before taking the drive.

The other is to visit their gorgeous tasting room in downtown Napa. If you have time I highly recommend visiting both to get the full experience.

However …

If you are not in Napa, California, you can still sip some Krupp Brothers Wines!

If you are in the U.S.A., you may be able to join their Wine Club. For details, click here – Krupp Brothers Wine Club.

If you live abroad, CKJY Exports can help. Please contact us to chat about this possibility.

Still Want to Learn More about Krupp Wines?

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