Fountain of Youth? …. More like “Fountain of Fun”!

The Fountain of Youth may just be a Want to serve a signature mixed drink at your next party? 

My fiance & I did! However, we didn’t like the idea of pitchers or punch bowl of the drink sitting on the table where only a few people will venture away from the traditional beer and wine. So we got creative! 

We made a cocktail fountain! That’s right a flowing fountain of a delicious, easy to drink cocktail! 

Personally, one of my all time favorite cocktails is a Tom Collins with my family’s recipe. Here is the recipe! 

Tom Collins Recipe –

½ Fresh Lemon Juice 

2 oz. Gin (substitute Vodka if you aren’t a Gin fan) 

1 oz. Simple Syrup 

2 Leaves of Mint 

2 Dash of bitters 

Shake in Cocktail Shaker with Ice until the shaker becomes frosted. 

Strain and pour into glass, add Ice 

4 oz. of Chilled Club Soda 

Garnish with Mint Spring and/or Maraschino Cherry 

That drink is delicious when it’s a small group relaxing together on a warm summer day.. Not exactly easy to replicate on a grand scale for a party. Correct! So here is my Party Tom Collins Recipe! 

Our Tom Collins for Fountains Recipe –

Please adjust & measure to your fountain server’s volume. 

2 Parts Vodka 

*Arguably the most accessible Spirit in the world. Your guests will appreciate switching to Vodka 

2 Parts Lemonade 

*I strongly recommend selecting a lemonade made not from concentrate, to get the freshest taste. My go to for fresh tasting, premade lemonade is Simply here in the U.S. Trust the brands you know. 

* Want to mix it up? Select Simply’s Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade, Mango Lemonade or Blueberry Lemonade. All very delicious. (

Pour these into your fabulous drink fountain (or Punch Bowl or Pitchers)! 

Garnish & Special Touches for Your Cocktail Fountain Drinks –

In bowls beside the fountain, have fresh mint and cherries available for your guests to garnish their drinks. 

Finally, set up an ice bucket with a bottle of Club Soda beside the fountain with a measuring jigger so guests can add a bit of sparkle to their drinks! 

Shopping Particulars for Fountains …

Now.. you may be wondering, where the heck do I get a drink fountain? Have no fear, Amazon is here. 

Follow this link to see an excellent selection of drink fountains for all your festivities. 

Also, we have seen them available at Walmart and other party stores. There are many shopping options for drink fountains.

Host a Legendary Party with a Cocktail Fountain

Prepare to hear about how legendary your party was for months! My fiance and I are still hearing about how much our guests loved it 2 months later. 

Share your pictures on social media & tag CKJY Exports. We love seeing your take on how you made your fabulous drink fountain.

Want more fun “how to” party ideas?

Host a Wine & Cheese Party? (By the way, you can do this any time not just on Wine & Cheese Day!)

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