In retailing “global alcohol trends” can be your friend, right? As our world has grown smaller with travel and social media, a new American wine or craft beer trend can help boost a first to market with it South Korean business, can’t it? Therefore, your challenge is to discover and to import the new trend.

Are you tasked with discovering and bringing new fresh global alcohol products to your company’s customers?

How do you manage to consistently find “trend winners” to grow your company’s profits on a budget?

Are you seeking quality trusted international suppliers to help you with this ongoing challenging process?

Or do you need to supplement your current standard alcohol products by offering a larger variety of producer choices?

Find a Friend on the Other Side of the Ocean

Whether you are seeking unique wine varietals, on trend craft beer, new sensation ciders or interesting distilled spirits, CKJY Exports can be your best kept secret for success! Our team can help you consistently win this marketplace challenge. How? Great question … let’s explore how together.

First, CKJY Exports has both access and ongoing exporting relationships with over 30 different wineries, breweries, cideries and distilleries. So, that means our team can spot trends within the American industry and know how to easily source it for exports.

Or … if you request something beyond the scope of our current Product Portfolio Producers, no problem! Our team will search the American markets to find a producer with the product, production capacity and interest in exporting. We will do the work on this side of the Pacific for you.

Secondly, our CKJY Exports team seeks to get to know you, your business and what your keys to success are. This allows us to more effectively assist you in sourcing products that meet both your expectations and those of your customers. That enables us to search the American markets for interesting trends that would appeal to your client base within their price sensitivities.

Beyond those two reasons and a strong third is the future. Our CKJY Exports team truly wants to build a long term trusted relationship with our overseas importers. So, by building trust and a long term friendship, your business, your market share, your customers and our business will all prosper. This is truly how business should always be approached, isn’t it?

Why Choose to Work with CKJY Exports?

Terrific question!


Because CKJY Exports approaches alcohol exporting differently.

Allow us to explain …

Would you like to import quality family run producers products? When a family pours their expertise and effort into making a wine, craft beer, cider or whiskey year after year, they produce excellence. Accordingly, these are who CKJY Exports proudly represents.

Our 30+ Product Portfolio Producers have signed exporting exclusivity agreements with us for certain countries. We are their exporting business branch. Our CKJY Exports team knows their stories and shares “sips” of them on our blog regularly as you have seen.

Our Product Portfolio of wines, craft beer, cider and whiskey make excellent options for your customers! Because they are also our first choice of drinks here in America, we know you will find them enjoyable too.

We aren’t warehousing alcohol and then pushing it to sell it to our overseas buyers regardless of market fit. Instead, we tailor our offerings to what will benefit both our importers and our producers. This is how we create longterm success for both!

While we are a young company, we hold our TTB Wholesaler’s Permit and have strong belief in the products we represent. Essentially, quality is easily recognized no matter the price point or quantity. Therefore, our team believes in sharing quality products and to being a quality export partner for global alcohol trends and adding to your company’s line of tasty staple offerings.

Can We Create a Custom Alcohol Label for You? Yes!

Would you be interested in creating a custom label alcohol product for your business? A quality brand name wine, craft beer, cider or spirit exclusive to only your business? CKJY Exports can help!

Read this earlier blog post, Diversify Your Alcohol Product Offerings with New Spirits, Beers, Ciders & Wines from CKJY Exports .

Are You Interested in Learning More of How CKJY Exports Can Help You Import Global Trends or Market Place Standard Alcohol Products?

Please contact us using this form to begin a dialogue with our CKJY Exports team to import a global alcohol trends to your customers. Thanks!

* Apologies! Our CKJY Exports company website,, is experiencing difficulties at the moment. We are aware of this and are working to move it to a new more reliable provider. Please check back in the next few days. Again, apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.*

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