Sipping Riesling from Washington …

What wine are you sipping this summer? A chilled Riesling is a great one in this heat. Currently, I am sipping on a Washington Riesling and wanted to share a few thoughts.

A Bit of Washington Riesling History …

Truly, Washington Rieslings have come a long way in a short amount of time for the wine world. Beautiful fruits such as apricots and peaches dusted with baking spices, such as cinnamon and clove, pave the way for these elegant Rieslings.

Yakima Valley got it all started back in 1967. Riesling has now taken over more than 5,000 acres. In fact, it is now known as the largest Riesling producer in America.

Sipping Washington Riesling - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog

Personally, I recommend Washington Rieslings to anyone. It has the character to both please a novice wine drinker to intrigue the experienced master sommelier.

Why do I think this? Two main reasons that have put Riesling on my hearty recommended wine varietal list. First, Washington is putting out some amazing Rieslings that can even be compared to that of Alsace, France. Amazing because Alsace is one of the most well known regions for Rieslings in the world. Secondly the heart, passion, and soul that goes into crafting these wines.

My Recommendation = Sip Some Lone Birch Riesling

Stories sell wine. It’s not just something a restaurant manager teaches to their employees  to sell more wine. It’s a fact. People travel all over the world not just to drink wine but to lose themselves in a story. Lone Birch is one of these wineries.

Folks want to get that warm and fuzzy feeling with every sip. Lone Birch is one of these wineries and you can taste it in every glass. Every bottle is full of love, passion, and dreams.

Seventy Years of Roots Yields a Passion Project Spanning Generations

The Millers have been farming in the Yakima Valley for four generations. This is a winery that not only cares for their wine but the land that it is grown on as well. They have an admirable dedication to sustainability.

Their Riesling is the perfect accessory for many occasions. Picnics, restaurants, house warmings, pool parties, luaus, boat days, and the list goes on and on. The acidity pairs magically with seafood and fresh veggies. Additionally, the low alcohol makes it very approachable for festive social occasions. Best part is that it’s price point is extremely modest for its quality.

Lone Birch Washington Riesling
Former Lone Birch Logo

Of course, many other Rieslings in Washington that are definitely worth tasting; however, this one stands out a little more to me. Simply put, they are so humble after four generations of dedication and work. Collectively they choose to highlight a tree that has been on their property for 70 years more than they do themselves. Their great-great-grandfather planted this birch tree. He instilled stewardship of the land and a love of nature in following generations. So for them, this tree is an emblem of what both their winery and team represent.

This marketing approach speaks volumes about a winery and the culture that they foster. Yes, you can taste a difference. Essentially, this is a passion project that spans generations.

Thirsty Yet?

All this talk of Riesling has made me thirsty! Think I will pour a second glass. Cheers!

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