American Alcohol Trends That Will Travel the World …

Trends in marketplaces emerge and follow the acceptance patterns of previous trends, don’t they? American alcohol trends tend to spread around the globe. If you are in exporting, it pays to know what is happening in America.

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What are the refreshingly new trends in the American alcohol market?

American alcohol trends predominantly originate from three main regions and spread throughout the country. California is by far the main trend setter in alcoholic beverages followed by Florida and New York. Truly, this is not surprising, is it? All three of these states are both destinations for work and vacation trips. Each area has major metropolitan scenes with vibrant nightlife and clubs. Therefore, folks are constantly working to create special cocktails, displays and customer appeal.

(For more insight on influential states, read Park Street’s U.S. Alcoholic Beverage Market Overview)

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What is the Size of the U.S. Alcohol Market? What Other Details & Insights can be Gleaned from it?

Interestingly according to the 2016 figures presented in Park Street’s U.S. Alcoholic Beverage Market Overview, 16.5% of the American beverage market sales are alcohol related. This break down of this block of sales equates to 7.4% distilled spirits, 11.4% wine and, the majority, being 81.4% malt beverages.

This “Lion’s Share” of alcohol sales being malt beer is in line with the rising popularity of craft beer. However, this trend started in the Pacific NorthWest rather than California, Florida or New York.

Craft beer houses have popped up all around America in both metropolitan areas and rural areas. This trend toward high quality beer with unique flavors definitely appears to have staying power. Article after article in the mainstream beverage news has discussed falling market share for the larger beer manufacturers repeatedly over the past few years. Have you noticed?

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California crafts and consumes most American wine.

American Wine Trends and Truths …

California makes and consumes much of the wine in the United States. Looking at Park Street’s graph, it shows that California consumes more than the next highest states, Florida and New York, added together! Almost 10,000 cases more than those to states combined.

90% of the wine consumed in the United States is deemed “Table Wine.” Slightly less than 20% of that is imported. Obviously, Americans prefer American wine by 70%.

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Craft cocktails are a huge trend in America.

Distilled Spirits Insights

With the booming “Cocktail Culture” in America, distilled spirits have really bloomed in market share over the last few years. Many people are creating “craft cocktails” or signature cocktails to serve their guests at dinner parties and gatherings. Thus, distilled spirits have experienced growth in their U.S. alcohol marketshare.

There are many Instagram photos and Pinterest posts devoted to craft cocktails. Cocktail recipes are a darling of the internet! How long did it take for you to hear about and to try a “Moscow Mule”?

Specifically, premium distilled spirits are the leaders of this American alcohol trend. Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequila have experienced over 10% growth in market share over the last five years. That is substantial, isn’t it?

Most notably according to Park Street’s analysis “From 2015 to 2016, premium brands grew more than twice as much as non-premium brands in almost every category. “ That is definitely an American alcohol trend worthy of note.

Taking a look at American alcohol trends to help you serve your customers and capitalize on your markets abroad.
With insights into American alcohol trends, you can please your customers by serving up the latest alcohol market trends.

Why Should the Rest of the World Care about American Alcohol Trends?

With the influence of the internet, what starts in California can be in Seoul, Tokyo and beyond very quickly. People love to gather and share new drinks whatever their culture or physical location. While most of us value the “tried & true” things in our lives, we crave something a bit different and are willing to try something new.

One other point that you may could easily overlook in the Park Street U.S. Alcohol Market Report was that “Smaller brands have been gaining share.” This certainly speaks to consumers seeking more quality and craft type spirits, doesn’t it? Millennials are very careful about their spending and they choose to support smaller more mindfully sourced quality producers.

Seeking Sourcing for American Alcohol?

CKJY Exports can help you source American alcohol products. If you are seeking American quality producers to help you embrace current alcohol market trends, contact us with this form.

Searching for New Alcohol Products to Introduce in Your Market?

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