It’s that time of year again … California Wine Month!

For those of you that don’t know September is Wine Month in California. This is the 15th annual celebration of the 3,900 wineries and 5,900 grape growers in California. Just another reason to celebrate and drink some of your favorite wine.

What Can You Do to Celebrate?

This is a great time of year to visit wineries and join in the festivities. September is packed with festivals, wine pairings, special tastings, extravagant wine dinners, concerts and so much more. This is our month to show our appreciation for all the vintners and growers and what they bring to our lives.

September is a Busy Time at California’s Wineries

For many wineries harvest has already began and this is a great way to get a better understanding of all the hard work that goes into it. You will be able to see first hand from start to finish how the wine gets from the vine to your glass. Learn about state of the art technology this California Wine Month. Did you know that there is an optical sorter that uses cameras and lasers to pick only the perfect grapes?

Want to go see what vineyard teams go through to harvest the crops? You can.

Other Ideas to Celebrate California Wine Month –

Experience varietals that you have never heard of. Find new boutique wineries that you didn’t know existed. Attend wine dinners where wine and food magically come together to compliment each other in ways that make you want to open your own restaurant.

Every year the wineries are getting more and more creative in ways to enhance September’s celebration.

A Few Fun Wine Things to Get You Put on Your Calendar this Month:


McKahn Family Cellars has a lovely tasting room to pair with their beautiful wines.

Love sipping lovely wine on a patio with fun music on Saturday afternoons? Join the McKahn family for their musical tastings in Livermore, Ca. Click here to see their musical lineup.


Join the Patland family on a 90 minute tour of their “Patland Caves Experience.” This tour lets you experience first hand their entirely underground winemaking facility. Explore its many twists and turns, and of course, enjoy some incredible wines along the way. You’ll be guided through the history of the family and the inspiration behind our wines, and finally conclude your visit with one of the most breathtaking views in all of Napa Valley! 

Join our friends at Flora Springs Winery for their Sixteen Spirits Historical Ghost Winery Tour & Tasting.

Their website shares their “estate in St. Helena is home to one of the few remaining ghost wineries in Napa Valley, and one of the very few that have been revived as a working winery.” Go learn how their Ghost Winery Malbec got it’s name. Fun, right?

Want a beautiful dining and wine pairing experience? Join our friends at Krupp Brothers Winery for one
of their Vino Venue Wine Dinners.

Seeking a truly beautiful Napa wine food pairing experience? Join the Krupp Brothers team for their next Vino Venue Wine Dinner! Check out their website for details on their next delicious event.

Paso Robles:

Yum! Oso Libre’s Estate Angus Burger BBQ

Perhaps you are seeking something a bit more like a Paso Robles wine food pairing experience? If you are, you must visit our friends at Oso Libre for their BBQ that features Angus beef raised on their property and wines made from their lovely grapes. A truly beautiful BBQ experience!

Suisun Valley:

Food Truck Friday Fun at Wooden Valley Winery.

The Wooden Valley team has a fun tradition of Food Truck Fridays. They post their food trucks and musical lineups online prior to each event. Join them for great music, fun food to pair with tasty wines.

Napa & Anywhere You Are:

Visit our friends at Brown Estate Winery via their blog wherever you are.

If you can’t make it to Napa in person this September and still want to celebrate California wine month from afar, read the blogs written by our friends at Brown Estate Winery. They are truly worth sipping and experiencing their family’s winery journey.

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