What are South Korean consumers and alcohol buyers currently seeking? With our CEO, Claire Logsdon, flying out to Seoul this week for our third Western United States Agricultural Trade Association trip, sharing what the South Korean alcohol markets are currently seeking may be in interesting glimpse to share. Enjoy our South Korean alcohol market snapshot!

B2C – South Korean Businesses Focus on Fall Holidays to Consumers

What are South Korean businesses focusing on at the retail level for their consumers now? Chuseok, the annual Korean harvest festival, happened on September 13th. This celebration “floats” on their calendar due to lunar cycles and for 2019 came very early.

In South Korea, the big beer season is ending for this year.

With this major holiday behind them, stores are now turning their merchandise toward more American holidays like Halloween. While they don’t celebrate this holiday as a nation, who needs a national holiday for a fun party, right?

Summer beer stocks start to be marked down following Chuseok and wine displays begin to appear. Halloween can be seen as the last “hurrah” for beer sales annually.

Wine season is beginning as the leaves begin to fall in South Korea.

With cooler temperatures, red wines begin to flow off of retailer’s shelves. As in America, a larger portion of the wine market shifts toward red in the fall and winter months. Consumers are very price savy and always on the hunt for the best deal.

B2B – South Korean Business Buyers Focus on Spring Holidays

Looking forward to Spring!

Planning ahead is what business alcohol buyers do whether they are in America or South Korea. Claire Logsdon anticipates talking to buyers about Spring orders. This would be white or rose wines or beer.

No Matter the Season …

Of course, exclusivity of seasons is very rare. Some folks prefer red wine year round. Others drink beer no matter what Mother Nature is doing.

Whiskey is one of the drinks without a dedicated season. In particular, men appreciate a good glass of whiskey no matter what the calendar says. Though more women have come to enjoy it, our female team has developed discerning whiskey palate.

Whiskey is popular year round, right?

Whiskey seems to have no season in South Korea. They are popular year round, aren’t they?

See You Soon in Seoul

These alcohol buyers are our business associates and friends. Their customers are also our secondary customers and we work together to satisfy them. South Korean alcohol market snapshot is our CKJY Exports team preparing for and looking forward to quenching the thirst for both of them.

Looking forward to seeing our friends and meeting new ones on our upcoming trip to Seoul.

건배! Cheers! 건배!

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