Wild White Wine? – Sauvignon Blanc

Wild White Wine? Have you ever thought a wine could be wild? Truly, that is what the very name of this sophisticated white wine means, “Wild White.” There is a lot more to both know and to appreciate with Sauvignon Blanc!

Oui! Sauvignon Blanc’s Very French Roots …

Sauvignon Blanc originated in the Loire valley. This renowned French valley is where the majority of these grapes are grown. Italy, Chile, South Africa, New Zealand have also reaped delicious glassfuls of it from their vineyard efforts.

Even when the same type of vine is planted, different soils and climate illicit different flavor highlights and characters in the grapes they produce. Because of this interplay coupled with the flavor expressions that are emphasized through the wine making process wine is very interesting, right?

In fact, it is one of the “parent” varietals that lead to the development of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Production wise, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the major grapes in the wine world.

New World Order – “Sauvignon Blanc, Please!”

Sauvignon blanc grapes grown and crafted into wine on the United States’ West Coast are thought to be an enjoyable snappy with hints of citrus dry white wine.

Many feel that California’s Sauvignon Blanc wine making efforts have come a long way … even so they are still under appreciated. Many have reached the renowned Bordeaux region’s sophistication and wine aging ability.

Why the change? Sauvignon blanc’s vines are boisterous growers. Requiring many training and trimming passes to be made by hand in order to manage and cultivate the grapes well. California has developed the vineyard expertise to coax the very best fruit from their vines year after year.

Can a Grape Have a “Nom de Plume? “

Fumé Blanc is Sauvignon Blanc’s “Nom de Plume” for American marketing purposes. Term coined in the 1960’s to set it apart. However, despite efforts to popularize the term … it is used by a few vintners.

Some may argue that they are slightly different varietals; however, the wines are essentially the same stylistically. Fumé Blanc seems to have been mostly a marketing term from what our research shows.

Sharing Our Favorites …

Yes! Our CKJY Exports team does have some favorite Sauvignon Blancs! With the affordable prices of this varietal, it can be an everyday treat.

This crisp light wine pairs terrifically well with many of our favorite foods and therefore, we have some favorite Sauvignon Blancs to recommend. Seafood dishes and herb based meals are complimented well with a glass of this wine.

Brown Estate –

Tasting Notes = Tropical, floral, citrus, stone fruit, sea spray!
Lean, crisp, light-bodied, gentle acidity.

Eola Hills Wine Cellars –

Made from estate-grown grapes sourced from our Oak Grove Vineyards, this wine expresses itself in the glass with exotic fruits and perfumes. Sublime notes of guava and grapefruit peel, without the grass. The finish is light and reminiscent of the lemon zest.

Patland Estates Vineyard –

A unique Sauvignon Blanc, and refreshing not only on a hot day, but also when compared to most others. This wine jumps in so many different directions. It smells of fruit salad and white wine sangria, but then also lightly of cucumber peel. The mouthfeel is round and full, and it tastes of mango and under-ripe tangerine. The finish is creamy and zesty. This wine is so full of fruit, and astonishingly not in the least bit sweet. It’s savory and leaves you begging for the next sip.

Two Angels –

This fruit-forward wine shows great intensity as it is poured into the glass, with hints of grapefruit, pear, honeysuckle and citrus blossoms. A little sur lies aging adds a little weight to the mid-palate without sacrificing the refreshing crispness from entry to long, lingering finish. Added flavors of honeydew melon and mineral notes are evident on your palate as you savor.

Wooden Valley Winery –

This Sauvignon Blanc opens with aromas of peach and grapefruit.  On the palate, the grapefruit continues with the addition of lemon flavors.  On the finish, grapefruit continues to dominate giving this wine a citrus and bright profile.

Want to Learn More About White Wines?

Switching Up Your White Wine Pairings …

Interested in Importing West Coast Sauvignon Blanc?

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of importing one or more of these delicious wines, please contact us –

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