Lone Birch Wine’s – Award Winning Family Philosophy

Why would a family feature a tree on their wine labels? Great question! Our team would like to introduce you to the Millers and their family’s award winning winery. Wine Enthusiast, Decanter, Cascadia Wine Competition, Wine Press Northwest among others have agreed this family’s philosophy tastes lovely in a wine glass!

Meet the Millers

The Miller family has been farming in the Yakima Valley for over four generations.  One of the pinnacle landmarks on their farm is the 70 year old Lone Birch Tree that resides amongst our vineyard. 

This tree not only provides shade to workers and direction to lost travelers, but most importantly, it provides inspiration to their family.  The birch tree was planted by their great-great-grandfather, who had a great love for nature and was an inspirational steward of the land. 

This symbolic birch tree serves as a reminder of their family’s commitment to care for the environment, reduce their carbon footprint, utilize sustainable farming practices, and ensure their farm lives on for generations to come.

Lone Birch Wines Label Update - CKJY Exports Wine & Spirits Blog by Ruth Logsdon

The Birch Tree on Their Label

Because this special birch tree symbolizes their family’s philosophy on farming and running their business. It has always been featured on their wine labels. Currently, their labels have been getting an updated look. However, they still feature their family’s beloved birch tree. Nice, right?

Sustainability Matters to the Millers –

Environmental stewardship and sustainable practices in Lone Birch vineyards and winery not only help us to make the best quality wines possible, but also help care for our local community and future generations.  Quality business practices with good stewardship practices are hallmarks of Lone Birch Wines.

– Soil and Plant Management

Using beneficial native grasses and cereal grains, help to bind the soil limiting wind and water erosion.  

– Pest Management

All vines were sourced from heat treated virus free mother blocks and expanded from those sources.  Soaps, oils and plant extracts are used as reduced risk pest control agents.

– Water Management

Utilizing weather stations, soil moisture-measuring probes, and drip irrigation systems increases conservation and efficiency.

– Carbon Footprint Management

Constantly striving to find ways to limit the number of times required to cross the vineyard and reduce our carbon footprint is a priority.  Combining separate practices, such as mowing and applying herbicides simultaneously accomplishes this goal.

Focused on the Future

While it is important to maintain the values and character of the family throughout their business practices, it is vital that they incorporate modern efficiencies and update practices. Lone Birch wines has done this for 70 years and continues to win awards while being good stewards of their family’s land. Truly, Lone Birch Wines is the best a family winery can be. For these reasons, our CKJY Exports team is proud to offer their lovely wines for export.

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