Visit Eola Hills Wine Cellars with Us

Our thankfulness virtual winery tour continues with our next stop is South of Portland at Eola Hills Wine Cellars.

“Vineyard Gem” of the Van Duzer Corridor

Benefitting from eastern maritime winds from the Oregon Coast through the Van Duzer Corridor, this unique cooling effect creates an ideal mesoclimate for Eola Hills Wine Cellars’ their Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay grapes.

In the early 1980’s, Oregonian Tom Huggins found himself intrigued by the notion of creating great regional wines in the heart of the Willamette Valley. A true family businessman, Tom has been blessed to share in his winery’s success with his brother Jim. Today, his daughter Kylie and son Brett make up the sales team and work to carry their family’s Eola Hills legacy into the future.

1984 Tom, Jim and Kylie Huggins in the initial vineyard plantings for Eola Hills Wine Cellars.

Fast Forward to Today

One of Oregon’s largest wineries, Eola Hills Wine Cellars, farms over 325 acres of prime vineyard land is still locally owned and operated. Now, production surpasses 80,000 cases of fine wines that are enjoyed across the country and internationally.

Eola Hills Vineyards
The beautiful Eola Hills vineyards today.

The Huggins family takes great pride in how they develop and tend their vineyards. Their farm is their legacy for future generations. As good stewards of the land, Eola Hills Wine Cellars is committed to sustainable growing. For every vine they plant, they plant a native tree.

Click here to learn more about their Sustainability Views

Notable Eola Hills Wine Cellars Wines

While each of us have our own wine tastes, it is nice to see what the critics think, isn’t it? The Eola Hills team has certainly earned many awards. With Steve Anderson their head winemaker’s overarching philosophy of quality and embracing what nature has produced it is only natural they would have earned so many accolades.

“I like to make wines where you can taste the grape that the wine was made from, more than the barrel in which it was made. That said, the judicious use of oak can elevate, lengthen and broaden the wine overall, in addition to adding flavors and aromas.”

– Steve Anderson, Head Winemaker

A Few Accolades Earned by the Eola Hills Wine Cellars

Pinot Gris –

2016 New Release – awaiting to be reviewed
2015 Wine Enthusiast – Best Buy 88 Points
2015 Food & Beverage World – 89 Points
2014 Review: Wine Enthusiast – 88 Points, Best Buy
2014 Review: Wine Spectator – 87 Points
2014 Review: Inter Wine China 2015 – Gold Medal
2013 Review: Wine Enthusiast – 88 Points, Best Buy
2013 Review: Wine Spectator – 87 Points

Pinot Noir –

Wine Enthusiast, Best Buy – 88 Points,
Food & Beverage World – 88 Points
2014 Review: Sunset Magazine – Gold Medal “Attractively priced, this Pinot
offers cherry cola, strawberry jam, cranberry, and vanilla complexity.”
2014 Review: Wine Spectator – 86 Points
2014 Review: Wine Enthusiast – 86 Points
2013 Review: Touring & Tasting Magazine – Platinum List 2016
2013 Newport Seafood and Wine Competition – Gold Medal winner
2012 San Diego International Competition – Gold Medal winner
2012 Review: Wine Enthusiast – 89 points, Editor’s Choice
2012 Review: Great Northwest Wine – “Excellent… a standout on the shelf”

Chardonnay –

2015 – New Release, awaiting review on this vintage
2014 Review: Wine Enthusiast – 88 Points, Best Buy
2014 Review: Wine Spectator – 87 Points, Best Buy
2014 Review: Oregon Wine Press, Cellar Select-September 2016
2013 Review: Wine Enthusiast – 89 points, Editor’s Choice

Eola Hills Reserve Barrel Select Pinot Noir

Wine Enthusiast – 89 Points
Food & Beverage World – 90 Points
2012 Review: Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition – Silver Medal

Wow! All those awards makes you curious, doesn’t it? If you live overseas and run a business, our CKJY Exports team can help. Please email us at

More about Eola Hills Wine Cellars

Still interested in learning more about the Huggins family and their passion project?

32 Years of Crafting a Winery – Eola Hills Wine Cellars & the Huggins Family Team

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