Sip a Bit of Harmony from California’s Central Coast

Tucked away on California’s Central Coast is the tiny town of Harmony. Other than the beautiful country there, it is the home of Harmony Cellars wines. Kim and Chuck Mulligan are crafting delicious wines the way her great grandfather, Giacomo Barlogio, did on the land her family has had for four generations. If you love wine and have never heard of this family run winery, you definitely want a sip of it!

A Family Winemaking Tradition

Harmony Cellars is a small family-owned winery committed to producing fine wines at affordable prices. Founded in 1989 by Chuck and Kim Mulligan, the winery has grown from a micro winery to a boutique production facility.

Winemaking in Harmony is a tradition that harkens back to the late 1800s. Kim’s great-grandfather, Giacomo Barlogio, a founder of the old creamery cooperative in “downtown” Harmony, used to make homemade wine down in his basement. Today’s winery sits on a part of Giacomo’s original land holdings; land that’s been in Kim’s family for four generations.

Harmony Cellars’ Modern Winemaking Philosophy

Now, this husband-wife team blends the best of winemaking from Kim’s Italian heritage with Chuck’s Fresno State Enology education.

They are totally involved in crafting their wines from determining when the grapes are picked, to hauling the full grape bins from the vineyard to the winery, to crushing and pressing the fruit (often late into the night), Chuck meticulously tends to all the winemaking details from harvest to bottling.

“My goal is to highlight the individuality of each variety—let the grape express its true character. I keep a tight rein on oak and use barrels as more of a spice than a main component……like you’d pepper a fine steak” says Chuck when sharing his view of winemaking.

True to the Name

While the name of the Mulligan’s winery comes from the tiny town in which it is located, the name shares more about their wine. As our CKJY Exports team has tasted and shared their wines, we all agree that their wines all have great balance.

Harmony Cellars wines all have balanced flavors and characters that make them delicious to enjoy as stand alone glasses of wine. Because of their balance, they are terrific to pair with spicy dishes of all flavors as well.

If you are interested in importing some of these balanced Harmony Cellars wines, our CKJY Exports team is happy to help. We serve as the exporting branch for the Mulligan’s winery. Please contact us.

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